Christian Foyle, Director of Foyle Legal Named Leading Compensation Lawyer in Western Australia

Christian Foyle of Foyle Legal has been named as one of the leading compensation lawyers in Western Australia by Doyle’s Guide in 2017. Christian gives credit for his nomination to his hard work, dedication and his professional legal team at Foyle Legal that helps him and Foyle Legal clients to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Christian Foyle is the founder of Foyle Legal, a family owned Western Australian personal injury law firm dedicated to helping injured clients to protect their interests. The law firm was started in 2012 by Christian and since expanded and moved to several locations to meet the increasing needs and better servicing Foyle Legal’s clients.

In earlier 2018, Christian was named as one of the leading compensation lawyers in Western Australia and invited to contribute to leading legal publications in the area of compensation law. Today, Christian is still very hands-on with client cases and he personally represents many Foyle Legal clients in courts and hearings.

Foyle Legal was started in 2012. It was kick-started in a shared office in Malaga when Christian was working part-time as a principal solicitor in a community legal centre. It was Christian’s experience in the community legal centre that convinced him that offering affordable legal assistance to people in need and with limited financial means is the way to properly ensure the outcome is not compromised by financial pressure of running a legal matter. At the time, as a young lawyer starting out without much financial support, he was a strong believer that a No Win No Fee guarantee is the best way to help injured people.

Back in 2012, Christian was a 28 year-old lawyer with drive and commitment to make a difference but did not have the financial support and business knowledge like many incumbents in a very competitive industry. He did not have any secret knowledge or network handed to him which presented him the opportunity to work things out independently and creatively. Christian attributes much of his early success to a positive attitude, not being afraid of taking on challenges and asking for help. Even today, when new law graduates ask him for career advice, he always encourages students to “have a go.”

Christian started to devote 100% of his time to Foyle Legal in 2014 and shortly after he started to take on staff and lawyers to help to provide first class customer experience at Foyle Legal. Many personal injury clients have some degree of psychological impact due to the physical injuries which have set them on a different path. The ability to understand and sympathise with clients has always been a key factor when he looks for new staff.

To date, Foyle Legal is still a family owned legal practice in Western Australia and is proud to be WA family owned and servicing the local WA community. The majority of his staff have lived, studied and worked in the local area. In addition to Christian’s personal nomination as a leading compensation lawyer, Foyle Legal team was recognised by clients and peers in the industry as one of the best law firms in Western Australia.

christian foyle, Foyle Legal.
Christian Foyle

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