Horrorween Open-Casket-Casting Call

Ed Meyer, An Old fashioned Producer in Toronto looking for a Live One!

Monsters and Mobsters Wanted Dead or Alive!

Fresh from his successful Academy Awards Day Open-Casket-Casting Call in Los Angeles, Horrorween producer Ed Meyer is looking for additional talent in Toronto.

His Star Chuck Lamb, better known as the Dead Body Guy is no stranger to meteoric rise to fame following his incandescent appearances on NBC’s Today show and the announcement of his role on The Hour and the Charles Adler Show.

Ed Meyer has decided to take his search for Live and Ghoulish acting talent to Toronto April 9th at the Central Toronto Studios on Yonge Street. Horrorween has surprised Hollywood with an unbelievable amount of interest from the acting community, one usually reserved for big studio movies and Meyer is aiming for the same reaction from the Canadian film industry.

Dead Body Guy’s morbidly comic talent will be showcased over and over again in this horror spoof and the producer is looking for talents to match. Canadian actor Harold Saint-Croix who has been cast in the role of the policeman will be presiding over the open-casket-casting call with the Dead Body Guy in Toronto. Meyer is looking to cast actors for the roles of Trick or Treaters, Horrific Characters and Mobsters and would like them to show up in full-horror gear.

Stars who have committed to star in this film are:

  • Candice Michelle (Superbowl Go Daddy Girl, WWE Raw, April 2006 Playboy cover-girl)
  • Bill Daily (Newhart, I Dream of Jeannie)
  • Mike Muscat (Terminator 2)
  • Irwin Keyes (Wrestlemaniac)
  • Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead)
  • Ivy Iacono (MTV, Jimmy Kimmel Live)
  • Jill Kimmel, sister of talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel
  • Erik Estrada (Chips)
  • Alejandra Gutierrez (Miss Playboy TV Latin America)
  • Robert Easton (Beverly Hillbillies)
  • William August (My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss)
  • Ashley Williams, daughter of Talk Show Host Montel Williams
  • Hunter Gomez (Family Guy, National Treasure)

    Stars in negotiation, include: William Shatner, Mickey Rooney, Cindy Margolis, and many more.

    Ed Meyer, a graduate of Harvard University, he has been behind the scenes in Hollywood and New York, assisting Independent Film, Television and Commercial producers and directors for almost 30 years.

    As the founder of FilmCompletion.com, Meyer’s expertise in Production Supervision has him acting as the eyes and ears of: Investors, Distributors, Banks, Insurance Companies and Producers, supervising Film, Television and Commercial productions worldwide.

    Meyer also is actively involved in the development, packaging and financing of Feature Films and Episodic Television, with his Adirondack International Pictures, Inc., and Meyer Entertainment companies. He was one of the original producers of Entertainment Tonight for Paramount Pictures.

    Anne Howard, press agent extraordinaire at www.rushprnews.com tells NewsBlaze she is preparing for callers who want to speak with Mr. Lamb or with Mr. Meyer. Anne can be contacted at 514-523-3771 or you can write her at [email protected].

    The Toronto Open-Casket-Casting Call is to be held at Central Toronto Studios on Yonge Street, South of Bloor, between 11am and 3pm, April 9th. Actors wishing to take part in the Open-Casket-Casting Call can find all necessary information at the Horrorween website horrorween.com (No phone calls accepted)

    The street address for Central Studios is 680 Yonge Street (2nd Floor) Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4Y 2A6.

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