Dead Body Guy to Star in ‘Horrorween’, part in ‘Stiffs’, ‘What I like about You’

Dead Body Guy accepted his first starring role in “Horrorween,” a flick produced by Ed Meyer, being released on Halloween Night 2007, which is sure to please Rocky Horror Picture show fans.

Things are moving fast for Dead Body Guy, who will fly to Los Angeles for a role on primetime TV’s “What I like about You,” on the last episode of this season and will be on set, the 26th and 27th.

“Stiffs,” a black comedy starring Danny Aiello, Lesley Ann Warren and Jon Polito, currently shooting in the Boston area, is Dead Body Guy’s first big screen role, to be shot in February. He also has two other firm offers.

Dead Body Guy is the Alter ego of Chuck Lamb, of Columbus, Ohio, who told NewsBlaze “I’ve always dreamed of being in a movie or on TV. I grew up like most people in their 40’s watching everything from Dragnet to Twilight Zone and dreaming ‘I can do that if just given the chance’.”

Well, now Dead Body Guy has many chances and from what we’ve already seen, he will be great!

Following his appearance on the Today show, a call was placed to Anne Howard, his publicist, by “Stiffs” casting agent Kevin Fennessy and an offer was made and accepted by Anne on Chuck’s behalf.

Chuck wasn’t made aware of the offer until he appeared live on the MSNBC, “Rita Cosby Live and Direct.” The secrecy of the offer made for a true candid television moment, filled with real surprise and amazement on Chuck’s part.

Anne Howard’s Montreal-based RushPRnews generated a humongous amount of interest for Dead Body Guy, resulting in the big screen role offer. Chuck had previously appeared on The Early Show, CNN, WB, Regina Lewis Online Buzz, Fox National News, and in The New York Times.

Anne is a public relations veteran who worked for 16 years in New York, San Francisco and Montreal is currently working to expand RushPRnews’ web presence and to form strategic partnerships. As a French-speaker, Anne has been interviewed on French radio both in France and Canada to talk about this successful campaign.

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Dead Body Guy to Star in ‘Horrorween’, part in ‘Stiffs’, ‘What I like about You’

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