Unmasking Iran’s Regime Agents in Canadian Territory

Canada is a significant hub for numerous factions representing the Iranian regime. Many of Iran’s regime agents have relocated to Canada. They sustain their lifestyles with funds misappropriated from the Iranian populace.

Prominent regime figures, including elements of the Revolutionary Guards and Basij, have found a safe haven in Canada. There, they openly endorse notorious figures like Ghasem Soleimani, labeled as a child killer, on the streets of Canadian cities.

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The Subtle Strategy of Deception

These individuals affiliate themselves with a group known as “Join us,” linked to the Habilian Foundation – an entity under Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence organized by Shayan Tousinejad and Mohammad Heydari from Sweden.

They ominously claim in their communications that “The hunters are in ambush,” signaling their readiness to target opponents of the mullahs’ regime. Within this context, some actively push the regime’s deceptive (80-20) tactic in Canada – criticizing the regime 80% to appear credible as opponents, while subtly undermining those who advocate for the regime’s overthrow by 20%.

Monarchist Pretense as a Safety Net

Their faux opposition often aligns with monarchist positions, a stance considered harmless by the regime. Hashem Khastar, a detained leader of the teachers’ union, has revealed that the Ministry of Intelligence promotes this monarchist orientation to deter the youth from joining more radical overthrowing forces.

They notably displayed monarchist symbols during the 2022 uprising, aiming to dilute the protest messages to merely women’s issues or headscarves, thereby weakening the movement’s impact.

Profiles of Deception

Individuals like Mohammadreza Mohebati, alias Behzad, born on May 8, 1983, with national ID number 006839179, position themselves as regime opponents. Despite familial ties to regime-affiliated organizations, they participate in demonstrations under the monarchist banner.

One of Iran’s Regime Agents?

Similarly, Golsa Ghamari (Qamari), known as Goldie, a member of the Ontario Legislative Assembly, portrays herself as a refugee victim while her family maintains regular ties to Iran, bringing into question the authenticity of her claims.

Iran's regime agents in canada. image by video screenshot.
Iran’s regime agents in Canada. Video screenshot.

Exposing Hidden Agendas

Goldie initially attempted to align with the Iranian resistance but later shifted to malign it, ultimately revealing her true stance by promoting fascist slogans.

Her actions mirror the regime’s tactics – labeling the PMOI as terrorists, a label solely endorsed by the mullahs’ regime, aiming to curry favor with Tehran.

Legal License Suspension

Her professional conduct in Canada has also come under scrutiny, with allegations of misconduct leading to the suspension of her legal practice license by the Ontario Bar Association.

Regime’s Long Reach

As stated by Mullah Fallahian, a former minister of intelligence, regime agents and lobbyists do not overtly disclose their roles but use various forms and professions to advance the regime’s objectives subtly. This covert operation highlights the ongoing influence and manipulation by the Iranian regime, even far from its borders.

This overview exposes the deep-seated infiltration and tactics employed by the regime’s agents in Canada, underscoring the need for vigilance and action to counteract their influence and protect democratic values and human rights.