Crossfire War: Eurasia Theatre: Confrontation with Reality, Charm Offensive Fail

Night Watch: TEHRAN – Ever since riots hit the Paris area and France last fall, during which the French discovered, south of the city in an abandoned building, a bomb making factory, Western decision making circles have been forced to face the disturbing truth that they are being targeted by Iran more than they are targeting Israel. NATO nations probably admit privately that Tehran and the Islamic world intend to replace the West as the most influential group of countries in the world economy by controlling energy markets. [IRNA]

In view of that sinister reality French President Jacques Chirac visited the coastal region Brittany where French nuclear submarines are based. He stated that France would seriously consider a nuclear attack against a pro-terrorist state, in other words Iran.

In an official response Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi dismissed Chirac’s statement and said that the French President’s “unconvential” claims were unacceptable and just increased suspicion. He added that Chirac revealed the inherent intentions of the nuclear powers. Asefi concluded with a veiled threat from Tehran in demanding the West end its pro-terrorism campaign and to remove the causes of discrimination, poverty and injustice. That would prevent Iran from creating a “deterrence” to wipe out the societies – Western Europe that have caused such conditions. Tehran is referring to the Islamic immigrant population in Western Europe that has never been completely accepted by West European governments and business community.

When Tehran and the EU-3, London-Berlin-Paris, began their negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program it was mentioned that both sides were talking past each other. That is now obviously continuing publicy. When U. S. President George W. Bush was asked a couple of years ago about whether or not he would attack Iran he responded that “all options were on the table.” Tehran replied that they would not allow the U. S. to attack first. The same applies to NATO and it is impossible to plan an attack on Iran without them knowing it since they are so well connected to Western and Russian business circles, plus the high level of information supplied to Tehran by its agents. Since Ankara is a member of NATO and in on the planning they will inform Tehran.

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