Liz Claiborne Apparel Receives ‘Cleaners Choice Award’

Apparel line recognized for excellence in customer service, care labeling and quality control by National Cleaners Association

New York – NY (rushprnews) – The National Cleaners Association (NCA) recently announced that the Liz Claiborne clothing line is the recipient of their 2006 Cleaners Choice Award. “This is the first time we are presenting this award,” said association director Nora Nealis, “and it’s our hope that the professional cleaning industry’s recognition of the Liz Claiborne brand and all it stands for will serve as a standard of excellence for other garment manufacturers.”

Nealis went on to explain that the award was being given in recognition of the garment manufacturer’s excellence in customer service, care labeling and quality control. The Award is to be given out June 15th 2006, and presented at the Liz Claiborne corporate office in New York at 1 pm.

For over 50 years, NCA has been at the vanguard of education and information distribution concerning garment and household fabric care and as such it felt very strongly that it was time to reward a garment manufacturer for its excellence in quality control and labeling.

Debra Kravet, President of Fashion Award Cleaners and an active member of the NCA, with multiple drycleaner branches in New York, had this to say about the significance of the Award and what it means to the consumers, “The recipient of the Award has demonstrated to us integrity in its garment labeling, which translates into true consumer satisfaction, and we want to publicly acknowledge and reward them for providing the consumers with proper labeling”. She went on to explain, “Proper labeling translates into a garment that will retain its color and shape longer. This approach to garment labeling we believe is good for consumers.”

Denise Johnston, President and Chief Merchandising Officer for Liz Claiborne Apparel commented, “We are thrilled that Liz Claiborne Apparel has been recognized for the quality of our product and our commitment to customer service and care labeling. At Liz Claiborne, product is our reason for being and we work hard every day to ensure that we are providing the value that our consumers have come to expect. Additionally, we understand how important accurate care instructions are to maintaining the lifespan of our garments and the satisfaction of our consumers.”

She continued, “Receiving this distinction from The National Cleaners Association and its members is especially meaningful, as they represent cleaners nationwide who process thousands of garments every day from a multitude of brands in the moderate to the luxury sectors. Knowing that we stood apart from the competition with these experts is an honor.”

According to Nealis, what makes a company like Liz Claiborne special in the world of professional cleaners is what they do behind the scenes and out of the limelight. In summing up the rationale behind the award, she said, “We thought it was time that an organization like ours, that knows who the ‘good guys’ are, gave them the public recognition and esteem they so richly deserve. Hopefully, it will spur other manufacturers to become more responsible in the quality of garments they produce, the care label instructions they provide and the after-service they offer.”

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For more information about the Award, its location and about the judging process, please contact Anne Howard at 310-295-9578, or write her at [email protected]

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