Warning to UN, US: Prepare For Another Massacre of Ashraf and Liberty Residents

Mullah Moslehi, the Iranian regime’s Minister of Intelligence is in Baghdad and his main mission during his visit to Iraq, as assigned by Khamenei, is to be encourage PMOI expulsion from Iraq.

After his meeting with Faleh Fayyaz, Maliki’s National Security Advisor, he said, “Seriously following up PMOI expulsion from Iraq will be addressed specifically in this trip. We insist this collection to be removed from inside Iraq, and with the coordination already accomplished, God willing, this collection will be removed from inside Iraq, and they should be determined as soon as possible.” (Iran state-run News Network TV – April 2)

Martin Kobler Gives Iran A Green Light For Attack

A day before, Martin Kobler also in a letter to Mrs. Maryam Rajavi threatened that Iraqi forces would attack Ashraf and wrote, “the government decided now to proceed with the legal procedures to close Camp Ashraf. Please note that we do not in any way associate ourselves with the procedures of the government of iraq.”

This is a green light for the fourth massacre and bloodbath against 3200 Iranian refugees in Iraq.

On a daily basis, the organizers and leaders of popular uprisings in different cities of Iraq are being assassinated by the terrorist groups affiliated with the Iranian regime and Maliki’s government.

There is a growing consensus that criminal explosions in various parts of Iraq are organized and conducted by the terrorist Quds Force and state forces in Iraq. Moslehi said, “With regard to combat against terrorism, we enjoy a 35-year-long experience, and we shall put this experience at the disposal of our dear friends in Iraq,” so that “they would establish a full security for the people of Iraq as soon as possible.”

Moslehi, Close Khamenei Aide

Moslehi is a close aide to Khamenei and was reinstalled in his post as Intelligence Minister upon his insistence. He has close relations with IRGC intelligence and the terrorist Quds Force.

Moslehi’s visit to Iraq and his remarks about the PMOI along with Kobler’s remarks a day before bespeak ominous plots of the Iranian regime and the Iraqi government for launching another massacre against 3200 Iranian refugees in Iraq.

Immediate Action Needed By UN and US

Based on their clear responsibility regarding safety and security of Ashraf and Liberty residents, UN Secretary-General, UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the U.S. government have to take immediate action in this.

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Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.