Property Arrangements and Relocation of Remaining 100 Residents of Camp Ashraf

Property Arrangements and Relocation

Mr. Martin Kobler, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Iraq (SRSG), in a letter to the representative of Ashraf and Liberty residents titled “property arrangements and the relocation of the remaining 100 residents of Camp Ashraf to Camp Hurrya”, today asked residents to hire a trusted Iraqi lawyer to list “sellable items” (hundreds of thousands of various items including 1200 vehicles and more than 1000 expensive electrical equipment and several thousand air conditioners and heaters) by November 29th. Then to transfer all of the items to a smaller section in Ashraf, leave it to the Government of Iraq and then go to Liberty themselves!

It appears that Mr. Kobler is in a rush to award himself the record of facilitating the new Iraqi government’s arrangements to plunder property and deny ownership that was the result of the work of thousands of people over 26 years, by November 29th, when he is due to present his quarterly report on Ashraf to the UN Security Council.

Put The Wolves to Guard The Sheep

In short, the facilitator says, “Put the wolves to guard the sheep” and go, otherwise expect its dire consequences, i.e. the next massacre!

These arrangements are nothing but planning to steal property and deny property rights of Ashraf residents facilitated by Martin Kobler. These arrangements are in clear violation of all international laws and conventions and all promises and written and verbal assurances and agreements over the past year about residents’ property that were stressed upon before the transfer of each and every convoy from Ashraf to Liberty. The movable and immovable property of the residents is assessed to be worth $550 million. (NCRI’s statement of April 20, 2012/ British company agreement, September 5, 2012)

Forcible Eviction of 3200 Residents

The forcible eviction of 3200 residents from camp Ashraf in Iraq – the 25-year residence of the opposition MEK members – to a prison called Liberty is not an Iraqi will. On 11November 22, Dr. Saleh Mutlaq, Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister, explicitly said: “I am opposed to the pressures that are exerted on the People’s Mojahedin in Iraq and I am also opposed to confiscating their property in Camp Ashraf because the decision to confiscate their property was a political decision and this is not religiously or legally legitimate.

We have to have a brave position towards the United Nations in declaring Liberty as a political refugee camp irrespective of all its foreign consequences and there is no justification for the insistence of some political sides to keep the People’s Mojahedin in current situation which is a small camp under siege (Iraq for All website)”.

Credible Information From Within The Mullahs’ Regime

Based on credible information from within the mullahs’ regime, the NCRI revealed On November 4: “Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the terrorist Quds Force, in order to deny Ashraf residents their property rights, has asked the Iraqi National Security Adviser to demand that Iraqi ministries and government departments to claim ownership of various Ashraf residents’ properties. This inhuman and illegal measure takes place after last month’s trip of Qassem Soleimani and Ahmad Vahidi, the mullahs’ regime Minister of Defense and former commander of Quds Force. “.

Ashraf residents and their representatives have stated and written on numerous occasions that upon a resolution to the issue of their movable and immovable property in Ashraf, they immediately will go to Liberty at once.

Iranian Resistance Opposes Arrangements

The Iranian resistance opposes these arrangements that are absolutely not acceptable in the strongest terms, and urges the Secretary General to appoint an impartial official to address Ashraf and Liberty file.

Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.