Persecution of Chinese Christianity Heats Up

In the New Testament, Saul was an enemy of the church — and an enemy of God. However, after realizing the error of his ways, he repented, became born again and was now known as Paul. Despite being beaten and thrown in jail, whenever he went, wherever he go, Paul was there spreading the Word of God.

Still, the persecution of Christianity across the world continues, as reports from the China Aid Association includes a series of recent arrests and detentions. House churches across China are being attacked, and this rising problem involves both the Religious Affairs Bureau (RAB) and the Public Security Bureau (PSB), which pinpoints to a crackdown.

Local authorities of the government’s enforcement organization are posturing Christians. However, it is unclear that the government will start a complete effort to clear out house churches. Officials in Xinjiang Province have recently started putting signs up, asking citizens to report any “evil cult activity”. In other words, house churches. Two Christians there were arrested and is now being seriously charged as “separatists”.

House church gatherings this month have been broken up, leading the arrests of several Christians across China. These events include a raid of a Bible school in Hebel Province two weeks ago, in which the school was shut down and students were sent home. A pastor, a teacher, and interpreter were detained, questioned, and free to go. Two days later, on May 15, PSB officials broke up a prayer service in Hebel Province because, according to them, it was an “illegal gathering”. The service was held on behalf of the victims of the Sichuan Province earthquake and for the Olympics. The house church members who volunteered to help were arrested.

“Chinese Christians”, said IRD Director of Religious Liberty Programs Faith J.H. McDonnell, “need our prayers in the face of both mounting persecution and the devastating death toll from the recent earthquake. Due to the repressive one-child policy, many parents lost the only child they had and will be struggling with grief and despair.

“In the lead-up of Beijing Olympics, we’ve witnessed further tightening of unfair restrictions on Christian practice in China. The increased spotlight has unfortunately not led to greater freedoms for the Chinese people. Once again, in the tragic death of over 65,000 people in the recent earthquake, the Chinese government demonstrates that it prizes control over doing what is best for its own people. Rather than accept the aid of Chinese Christians who want to ease the suffering of the people of Sichuan Province, the Chinese government chooses to persecute them.”

Source: Christian Newswire

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