Legal Team is Being Set Up for Chinese Pastor

Independence Day wasn’t a day to celebrate liberty and freedom, when the China Aid Association was informed less than three weeks ago in Jining City that the management of the reeducation-through-labor program has issued a written statement that sentences Zhang Zhongxin two years for reeducation-through-labor program. Zhongxin will be scheduled for release on June 5, 2010.

Zhongxin is accused of being involved with a cult for his part in planning Sunday school training courses, spreading the Gospel in Tibet and several other places for missionaries, and pioneering sermons. In 2005, he developed the “Rainbow Missions Fellowship in Jining of Shandong” and “Timothy Bible training school”, training pastors in ministry work.

The statement also said that Zhang may appeal within 60 days. Pastor Zhang has applied for legal aid, and is hoping to retain defense attorneys. His wife, Wang Gui-Yun will aid in retaining the defense team for her husband.

China Aid Association is asking all brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for Pastor Zhang as well as those connected with him who are being treated with such unjust and unfairness persecution as well as arrested for their faith in God.

Source: Christian Newswire