American in Tokyo Runs Out of Money, Requests Government Loan

Will Roberts in Tokyo Japan: I don’t need billons, just a few million to get the word out. What word you say? Well, the word of the common folk. It would seem to this cowboy that I am a whole lot less of a risk. I would even go as far to say that I have oceanfront property in Arizona and that is even a lower risk these days than American financial institutes.

I also have to tell you that this cowboy is a little upset with OUR Wall Streeters. Could you not have waited to dine and dash until, I at least got back to the states? Instead, here I am in Tokyo and now I have to walk the streets of Japan and take all the looks from these YEN setters. Just so you Lehman Bros know when it comes to watching your back you are on your own.

Today, when I was sightseeing around Tokyo I swear I was standing by a skyscraper and an American dime came falling to the ground. I looked and there it was, right there next to me. It was either a frustrated Japanese banker or another American trying to get rid of the useless money and if he would have hit me I would have been in trouble because I have American insurance.

The ironic part of all of this is us Americans received $300-$600 back a few months ago to help us out. And now the most irresponsible folks in our country get checks for billions. When it is all said and done who will be the folks that pay the bill, US! Does that make CENTS . . .?

Here is my plan: Don’t bail them out, send us the money with the stipulation that we spend it on their product, insurance, stocks . . . This should help give the economy a little boost and give us a little bit of hope for the future.

Tomorrow, I will be going to Japan’s Wall Street to see what I can find. Pay attention if you can afford it, I should be able to find some interesting news.

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