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Will Roberts is a Guinness World Record holder for Cowboy six gun, a weapons expert and professional actor. He is a trick roper and cowboy humorist, who pays tribute to Will Rogers, America's cowboy, with a wit as quick as his rope. Will is a syndicated political cartoonist and was the trick-roping cowboy at Cirque du Soleil.Will has covered the Republican National Convention, Democrat events and Presidential debates. At home in front of or behind the camera, in front of or behind a radio microphone, Will reports what he sees, usually with a twist of humor.
Mike Angel illusion. Photo c/o Mike Angel

The Mesmerizing World of Mike Angel: Pop Culture Magic Extravaganza

In the realm of magic and illusion, where the extraordinary becomes the norm, Mike Angel stands as a beacon of innovation and wonder. His latest show, a meticulously curated blend of pop culture, emotion, and jaw-dropping magic, is nothing short of a masterpiece.
Dan Martin. photo c/o Dan Martin

Dan Martin Joins Forces with Paradigm Artist Management

Dan Martin, known as The Titan in CrossFit arenas and the charismatic "Björn" from the hit series "PICT'S SWORD," takes a monumental leap.
alec baldwin gun

Will Roberts Explains On-Set Gun Handling, Alec Baldwin Accident

This week, in a terrible movie set accident, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died after Alec Baldwin fired a gun in a scene for the independent...
f&v light panels

New F&V K4000 Power Daylight and Bi-Color 1×1 LED Panel Lights...

Photographers and videographers have been looking for major improvements in LED panel lights, at an affordable price. Today, their wishes have been satisfied.The new...
Political Parties Learn How To Stop Voters Voting

VOTE Or Shush Up!

Election Day is a great day to be American and vote, so proudly show it off. To pick out these Fine Americans out of a crowd, they are the ones with a sticker

Debt Ceiling Issue: Make Up Your Mind Washington!

I want to believe that it's up to our big boys in Washington to make it right. The only saying 'two wrongs don't make a right!' and in this case, just make up your minds!

Will Says…Politicians Have to Stop Acting Like They Don’t Live in...

Boehner, the President has wine and dined you, played golf & now you won't return his phone calls...

Will Says..Male Politicians Such As Weiner Sometimes Make Wrong Decisions!

Of course I am talking about Anthony Weiner and his Internet escapades or the countless other politicians that treat having a prominent post in government means your a chick magnet

Will Says…All Men Think with Their Weiners!

Now, his ability to do his job and whether or not he is the right person for his job because he lies, has come to the surface. I say to you folks, are you ever surprised when we catch a politician lying? Or avoiding answering a question? This group

Will Says…2012 Eelection is ‘The 2012 Freak Show!’

Luckily you won't have to have much of a plan for the 2012 race. Mainly because the Republicans have their own plan, and that is to kill each other off first!

Will Says … This Medicare Mess Needs Clarifying!

I say put it all on two pieces of paper, make it simple, and don't let a lawyer draft it, 'cause you'll need a lawyer to decode that lawyer's mumbo jumbo. Then send it to each and every American with a voting ballot. This way 'we the people'

Will Says…Republicans Dismiss Old Folks Who Raised Them By Killing Medicare!

So, let me update you folks as to why Mr. Boehner holds this post, no pun intent. And you folks will like this cause it will let you all know the party that put healthcare (Medicare) in the hot seat. Who is responsible for spearheading the demise of

Will Says…It’s Time to Stop Political Gimmicks and Let Female Politicians...

Maybe the best idea to curb or maybe even stop this type of political philandering is to swap out all the male politicians with female politicians. Seems you don't hear about women in politics having the same problems. However, with every cheating
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Will Says..Republicans, Stop Fighting and Blocking President Obama!

Imagine a country and a President where we let him do what we voted him in to do... Work. I know that's a four letter word. Stop fighting the President! Other than walking on water, he has made some choices. If we treated our friends the way some o

Will Says…Republicans Might Try to Blame Obama for End of The...

NO... but I bet when Republicans think about 2012 presidential race, they wish the world would end on May 21! @WillRobertsUSA Fair warning... They might try to blame OBAMA for the end of the world!

Will Says…It’s Time for Obama to Finally Do His Job Now...

But is this the end? Far from it. This is a great day, a great country, and we can, once again be proud to be AMERICAN! Now, we just have to make sure that we allow the momentum to continue. Now, this means allowing our President to finally do his j

Will Says…Politicians Must Use Social Media to Gain Some Ground!

I am surprised that politicians and their campaigns have not latched on to this form of new media more, or sooner. I mean the politicians themselves, not the young interns they hire to run their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They could really gain

Will Says…If Trump Wins, Every American Will Need to Own a...

What Obama is trying to do with healthcare (Obamacare) mandatory health insurance. President Trump will do with Real Estate Trumpdumps - every American will need to own a home, its mandatory!

America Has Real Problems: Budget, Libya, and Japan!

Mr. Trump, if you want to show leadership and that you can run the office of the President of the United States... Pick a better time to shift the country's focus. We have real problems: budget, and Libya, Japan!

Will Says…If The Democrats Need An Aggressive Candidade, BZC is Your...

If he get one million twitter followers I say he runs on the 2012 Presidential ticket! Republicans, you are looking for a front runner, this guy knows nothing but being the King.