‘Big Brother ‘ Racism Row Grows

Row Grows

Australia’s media have finally picked up on racist comments made by “Big Brother” contestant, Andrew, almost a week ago when he claimed there were not enough “Aussies” in the house, referring to four darker looking housemates who do not come from an Anglo Saxon backgrounds.

There has been widespread anger by many, with internet chat sites and forums going fanatical about the incident, which failed to make coverage at the time, but has now been noted by “Big Brother” and acknowledge by media outlets in Australia.

Newsblaze.com was first to acknowledge the incident on “Big Brother,” which is sparking outrage and numerous complaints. Racism hits “Big Brother” Australia

How it happened

The racist comments were in response to a twist Big Brother had introduced allowing only male housemates to be put up for eviction. Later in the show, Andrew retorted by saying “Aussies, I don’t think there are enough Aussies in the house,” comparing the twist to “putting non-Aussies up” as he was referring to housemates Zoran, Daniella, Joel and Michelle who do not come from an Anglo Saxon background, but are Australian citizens.


A former housemate on the 2005 series blasted at the racist comments, saying the comments were “offensive” to anyone “who doesn’t look Anglo Saxon.”

Producers of “Big Brother” have defended the racist comments made by Andrew, by saying “he was just being ironic,” which did nothing to quell viewer complaints.

Mexican incident

“Big Brother” Australia has also apologized to Mexico after delegates from the Mexican embassy in Canberra demanded an apology following a game on the show, which entailed housemates to wet the Mexican flag as much as they could with water bombs to win prizes. Big Brother claims the games were “celebrating” Mexico’s influence and “apologized” to the people of Mexico.

Reporting from Sydney, Australia.