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Make Me A Supermodel

I may never be a model, because I actually look like one. Tall poppy syndrome aside, I am tall, tanned, and broad shouldered, fun-loving and well I think I am good-looking.

My Break Up with Sydney

Dating Sydney is like dating the most fabulous girl in high school who you know is out of your league and who you know is cheating on you but you deny it to yourself.

In The Valley of Prada

Once Upon a Time there lived the Global Brand Index survey, which told everyone around the world and their almighty governments, which cities have the most famous brand.

The U-turn on Saturday Night

They call Sydney and Australia the land of the drought, but they also call it the 'land of plenty.' What they failed to tell us was that it sure was the 'land of plenty,' plenty of the un-plenty.

Ex and The City

It was a predictable date with the all too common 21st century Seinfeld ending. Was this for real? Was this dating? If so, then waiting to date was waiting in line at the movies and dating was Vanilla Sky with Tom cruise.

Single Guy ‘Partying with the 30-somethings’

In an age where the opposite sex is the enemy in the new cold war, the 30-somethings have managed to maintain their alliance and formed an unspoken union of 'free trade.'

Muslim Girl Shines on The Real World

A Muslim girl from New York, Parisa, has appeared on a reality television show, called 'The Real World,' triggering untamed chat forums, fan websites and newspapers.

‘Big Brother ‘ Racism Row Grows

The racist comments were in response to a twist 'Big Brother' had introduced allowing only male housemates to be put up for eviction.

Racism hits ‘Big Brother’ Australia

All housemates in Big Brother Australia are Australian, but because some contestants have cultural backgrounds, they may not be classed as Australian by Andrew.
the Old Woolworths building has been there for Sydney, since the 1930s.

Goodbye old Woolworths building

The Sydney City council has unveiled plans to demolish a historic building across the Town Hall to create new parkland in the city.

Sydney and The City – Sexier Than Pamela Anderson

We all love to be eaten by big cities, with their neons and tall buildings. This city is sexier than Pamela Anderson and guaranteed to munch on all it can.
Haifa, Israel. Image by Svetlana Klaise from Pixabay

Racist Jewish Professor Sparks Uproar in Australia

Opinion in Australia has been against the Professor, especially by the Jewish community, who say they are 'appalled by the ignorant and racist Professor.'

Saddam Hussein Has Been Executed

Saddam Hussein, the man who brought suffering to many Arabs, has been executed in a secret location in a northern Baghdad suburb, Khademiya.

The Day Nicole Kidman Shamed Our Nation

Nicole Kidman on August 16 2006 shamed Australia when she signed a politically explicit advertisement advocating attacks on the children of Lebanon and Palestine.

Muslim Cleric still on top of Australia

The controversial Sydney Muslim cleric, Sheik Taj din el hilali, remains defiant and revered in Australia despite calls of extradition and condemnation.
Haifa, Israel. Image by Svetlana Klaise from Pixabay

Syria Ready for War With Israel

Bashar al-Assad, referring to Israel, even though there has been no threat, has said - We expect war anytime

Australian education plan condemned

In a bid for more power in Australian schools, John Howard's proposed national curriculums have been condemned.

Australian Racism Gone Mad

Australia's Muslim community has been shot at, and 'officials are to blame,' in the latest attack on the Australian immigrant population.

Very Rare: Hezbollah Transcript Translated

Following the most anticipated event since Israel-Lebanon conflict, this is the translated version of the Hezbollah address that took place on Friday September 22, 2006.

Anti-war demonstration in Machester: ‘50,000’

More than '50,000' British protestors have demonstrated in Manchester against the 'war on terror.'