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Hundreds and Thousands at Hezbollah Victory Rally

Hundreds and thousands of Lebanese people have marched in Beirut, Lebanon, for Hezbollah victory rally.

Female ‘Terrorist’ to be Executed

A Jordanian woman will be hanged after a failed suicide mission in Jordan.

Chavez Calls Bush ‘the devil’

Chavez has called George W. Bush 'the devil' at the UN General assembly

Official: California Most Racist American State Against Muslims

A report by the council of american-islamic relations' has been released today to the international community.

Chirac Dismisses Threat of Sanctions on Iran

French President has openly urged talks with Iran and not sanctions.

Christians Defend Islam Against Pope

Christians react politically while Muslims head for the streets. The Pope's remarks were almost indefinitely deliberate. Certainly the Islamic response was calculated before his address.

Islam rejects Pope’s apology

Moments ago Pope apologises to Muslims. Muslims reject it.