Racism hits ‘Big Brother’ Australia


“Aussies, I don’t think there are enough Aussies in the house,” big brother contestant, Andrew said. The “Big Brother” contestant appeared to have analyzed the appearance of housemates in the house before declaring that maybe “Big Brother” should have a special eviction to non-appearing Australians in the house because according to him the “Aussies” seemed to be numbered by darker looking housemates.

“Big Brother” had advised housemates previously that only male housemates were up for eviction after males out numbered female housemates, which triggered the racist comment by Andrew that there were not enough “Aussies” in the house and therefore an eviction for those who did not appear as “Aussies” should be held.

Contestants are Australian

All housemates in “Big Brother” Australia are Australian, but because some contestants have cultural backgrounds, Andrew may not class them as Australian.

Firefighter, Andrew, who caused a stir for his disloyalty to housemates in the early part of the season, is now facing eviction as his demeanor continues to spark tension in the house.

This is the first major incident of racism in Australia and follows a recent uproar in India and Britain, where her housemates because of her race harassed an Indian contestant on Big Brother UK.

Reality TV

Last year on “Big Brother” Australia, two housemates were evicted for “sexual harassment,” and the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard called to ban the show. The racist comment this year has triggered anger.

Reality TV show seems to be in the negative spotlight after another racist comment was made by Lucy Buchanan, on a UK television show, “Shipwrecked” when she described black people as “really bad” and said she was all for “slavery.” The television network, Channel 4, has since been cleared over the racist comments, for they were not liable for the contestants’ opinion.

“Big Brother” Australia is currently being filmed in Movie World on the Gold Coast.

Reporting from Sydney, Australia.