US Consumers to Benefit from New Zealand Wool Partnership

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CP Wool yarn is a major seller in the United States, with J Mish already using the company’s yarn to manufacture carpets in Cartersville, Georgia where the company maintains a production facility.

There are several companies that can distribute and sell wool rugs and carpets in the US, but 100% New Zealand Wool is the preferred choice. A well-known distributor of New Zealand Wool is ITC Natural flooring.

The exclusive partnership will allow for a highly sustainable source of soft flooring to hit the US market. J Mish will promote the CP Wool yarn-made products under their Signature and Promenade lines. The companies’ current agreement allows CP Wool to be sourced and spin in New Zealand before being sent to the United States to be manufactured into rugs and carpets. The agreement will continue following the announcement of the partnership.

CP Wool has been working to expand their reach in recent months, signing several partnerships to have their wool be used to produce flooring options across the world. The company signed a joint venture with Amie and James Nilsson, founders of Merino Kids. The deal allows Amie and James Nilsson to distribute carpets and rugs under the Hushaberry Heritage brand in Australia.

CP Wool has also appointed two new directors to the company’s board: Janette Osborne and Maurice Noone. The duo was brought onto the company as directors to help strengthen the experience in the company. The two bring specialists skills that will complement the existing directors, the company claims.

“Global consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the many advantages of natural fibres over synthetic, especially factors such as durability, aesthetic appeal and impact on the environment. This presents a tremendous opportunity for New Zealand wool,” states chairman Craig Carr.

New Zealand wool is also being tested on NASA spacecrafts. The material is being used to create a breathable filter for astronauts. The filter, which is currently being developed, will help astronauts breathe in the event that a fire breaks out on the Orion spacecraft. The spacecraft is set for deep space exploration in 2023, and the wool filter will allow astronauts to survive longer as they attempt to control the fire.

Melissa Thompson
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