Single Guy ‘Partying with the 30-somethings’

Last night me and my twenty-something year old friends decided to party with the 30-somethings. We went out with two good friends of ours, the final in the unmarried 30-something pool of friends. As we went in to the club, it dawned on me that these 30-somethings had a different way of partying. While we 20 year olds stuck together and completely let go to the music within our own safely guarded territory on the dance floor; those 30 year olds began to roam around and talk to the opposite sex as if it was completely commonplace to them?

In a city where if you gaze at the opposite sex you may be threatened with a restraining order; these “getting old” men are mingling and are on the attack with their artillery personalities, while we in our “peak” boys-to-men are together, alone, with our shields at the back.

You-see, we 20 year olds have grown up to think pessimistically about romance, relationships and the opposite sex. We have many things on our minds and I am not so sure dating is one of them. For the 20-somethings, “friends” is the new “date” and “career” is the new “sex.” We would rather be seen in a high-end part of town having dinner with “friends” discussing our “career,” as opposed to the now 30-somethings who would go out on a “date” followed by some “sex.”

In an age where the opposite sex is the enemy in the new cold war, the 30-somethings have managed to maintain their alliance and formed an unspoken union of “free trade.”

Why couldn’t I maneuver like this 30-something friend? I wanted to be able to talk to a girl so easily and organically. Is the new 20-somethings way of partying a complete shambles compared to the 30-somethings way of partying? Is the new way of partying hopeless? Is the new “party” a Republican and the old “party” a democrat? If that is the case then Chasing the opposite sex has been replaced in the club by chasing a disaster. Who can get drunk first? Who will get in to a fight first? Who has more enemies on the dance floor? Is this why we 20-somethings are single? Unhappy? Discontent? Or are we just a generation of self-absorbed insatiable non-MacDonald, healthy eating, gym going, and money obsessed sheep?

The 30-somethings are resilient, optimistic, happy daters and messy, while we stern 20-somethings are clean, binge-drinking, Armani wearing, lean bodies with muscle tone, who moisturise our hands with no shame. We are so concerned about ourselves we have forgotten about the opposite sex.

Those 30-somethings were the type who would go on dates, they would drink beer, eat MacDonald’s and drink cola, throw a barbecue, work 9 to 5 on a five day week and work to live. We 20 year olds no longer date, we have sex with random people, we binge drink, we eat subway because god forbid the calories in a barbecue to sabotage our physiques, we drink diet cola, we work 7 to 7 on a six day week and we live to work.

I wonder what happened in those ten years; it must have been an all-Republican affair.