Somali Ambassador Calls for Urgent Relief Aid as Severe Drought Hits Somalia

Mohamed Ali Nor, a prominent Somali ambassador to Kenya is calling for the international community to extend humanitarian aid for the country’s drought-hit Somali populations.

Mr. Mohamed warned that if food aid will not reach Somalia, the death toll will increase.

“The country is facing its nastiest humanitarian crisis since 1990s, when a starvation struck the nation and the world reached out to feed the Somalis. The drought has engulfed the country,” said Somali Ambassador to Kenya who recently visited Mogadishu, capital city of Somalia.

The ambassador’s appeal comes after a call from Somalia’s Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed for the U.N. agencies to be relocated to Somalia. Turmoil has ravaged Somalia since the collapse of Barre’s rule in 1991.

The UN special representative to Somalia, Mr. Augustine Mahiga said, “It is not easy for UN agencies to relocate to Mogadishu for security reasons.”