Somalia and Kenya Strengthen Bilateral Ties

Somali’s Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed today flew to Nairobi to met the Kenyan Prime Miniter Raila Odinga to strengthen the nations’ bilateral ties.

The statement from the office of Mr. Farmajo said that his visit was in response to an official letter of invitation from Mr. Raila Odinga.

Mr. Farmajo will discuss several issues with Mr. Odinga to strengthen the bilateral tie between the two nations. Kenyan government could support Somalia in its combat against the extremists.

Mr. Farmajo enthusiastically said in his statement, “I am really delighted with the invitation of Prime Minister Raila Odinga for a significant discussion for the welfare of our country. Kenya is actually a fraternal country, ready to assist the Somali people.”

Mr. Farmajo also said, “I will talk and discuss these issues with his Kenyan friend to fortify the bilateral relations between Somali and Kenya, Somali refugees in Kenya and the transitional mandate related issues.”

Mr. Farmajo previously rejected to attend the UN-sponsored consultative meeting to tackle Somali issues.