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Ahmedsadik Yusuf Mohamed is a Somali journalist who reports on life in his country. Contact Ahmedsadik through NewsBlaze.

Somali Government Worried Over Safety of Somali Refugees in Yemen

Since conflict in Yemen worsens day-after day, Somali government said that it was extremely worried over the safety and current living situations of thousands of Somalis living and working in Yemen country.

Somali TFG Wants to Mislead Somalia

Similarly, Asha Ahmed Abdalla one of Somali MPs blamed the parliament for ignoring several letters of motions from the government to be discussed and approved by the legislators.

UNCHR Voices Concern on Appalling Situation of Somali Refugees

Kenya received more than 31,400 and the three camps around Kenyan eastern region which accommodated more than 300,000 Somali refugees.

Somali Justice Committee Urges UAE and Sudan for Proper Disbursement of...

he justice committee of the Somali Interim Federal parliament called for the governments of United Arab Imarets and Sudan not divert the humanitarian and other financial supports to individuals in the Somali transitional federal government.

Somali Interim Government Postpones National Elections Until 2012

At a recent meeting, adviser of Premier Farmajo said that Somali TFG will hold elections during 2011. However, Abdirahman Omar Osman said it would be very complicated to get a kind of representative members of MPs that is accountable to its populati

Malnutrition Surges as Severe Drought Ravages Somalia

Somali kids are suffering the highest malnutrition rates in the world, the severe drought affected the whole country.

Appalling Situation of Somali Refugees Calls for International Aid

Kenya is hosting thousands of Somali refugees since turmoil has ravaged Somalia when Barre's rule collapsed in 1991.

Surging Atrocities Erupt in Puntland

The Farole's call comes when he returned to the Puntland capital of Garowe after attending the UN consultative meeting in Nairobi which took placed in 12th-13th April.

Somali Parliament Term Extension is Undisputable

Mogadishu: - Member of Somali members of the parliaments told the media that the decision of the parliament's mandate extension by three years was indeed undisputable.

Roadside Bomb Kills Puntland Officer, Two Civilians

Galka'yo:- An official of Somalia's semi-autonomous state of Puntland and two innocent civilians have been killed in a roadside bomb blast in Galka'yo, a town about (700-kms) north of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia as witnesses confirmed

Somali Immigrants Dying in The Sea

Since the outbreak of the civil war in Somalia in 1991 a mushrooming flow of Somali refugees has spread all over the world. Ethiopia and Kenya are important countries of refuge for Somalis but also Yemen has hosted thousands of Somali refugees.

Peaceful Demonstration Supports Somali TFG Refusal to Boycott UN Meeting

Hundreds of people including politicians, elders, educators, women and youth marched on the streets show their support for the historical decision reached by Somali government to reject the UN invitation for a consultative meeting.

Angolan Policemen Torture Somali Prisoners

These youngsters, who are currently detained in Angola, contacted Shabelle radio to expose the tribulations they have encountered since they were jailed by the Angolan police.

More Than 20 People Injured in Grenade Blast

Witnesses confirmed that the suspect who threw the bomb is mentally-sick. No one knows who gave him the hand grenade. The injured victims were rushed immediately to a nearby hospital

Somalia and Kenya Strengthen Bilateral Ties

Mr. Farmajo will discuss several issues with Mr. Odinga to strengthen the bilateral tie between the two nations. Kenyan government could support Somalia in its combat against the extremists.

Somali Ambassador Calls for Urgent Relief Aid as Severe Drought Hits...

Mr. Mohamed warned that if food aid will not be delivered, the death toll will increase.

Somali Ministers Check TFG Advances Against Extremist Group

The deputy minister of defense for Somalia government, Abdirashid Mohammed Hidig told the media that the government's delegation is still at the Lower Jubba region, especially in Dhobley, a district about 2-kilometers from Liboya town in Kenya.