Somali Justice Committee Urges UAE and Sudan for Proper Disbursement of Funds

The justice committee of the Somali Interim Federal parliament called for the governments of United Arab Emirates and Sudan to use the humanitarian financial support to assist people affected by endless two decades of civil war and to disburse the funds properly.

Ali Mohamoud Farah better known as (Seko) organized a press conference in Mogadishu city on Thursday. He said that the president of Somalia Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has travelled Sudanese capital, Khartoum. Mr. Seko has confirmed that the ministers of foreign affairs and finance were travelling along with the president.

Mr. Seko called for the leaders of Sudan and UAE to utilize the financial assistance intended to Somali people who were displaced because of conflict.

“They want to destabilize and interfere holding national elections after more than two decades. I urged Sudan and UAE countries to stop the destabilization of Somalia by diverting funds,” said Ali Mohamud Farah better.

On the other side, there are other MPs who firmly opposed the press conference. Seko said that it is better for Somali Parliaments to work for the reconciliation of Somali top leaders.

A new disagreement between Somali president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmad and parliamentary speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adam over extending the mandate of the Somali Transitional Federal Government is upsetting a successful offensive by TFG and AU troops against the radical Islamist movement in Somalia. The disagreement between the top of Somali leaders may halt military operations against Islamist fighters.

Somalia is a lawless country since former president Mohamed Siad Barre left the country in chaos in 1991.