Malnutrition Surges as Severe Drought Ravages Somalia

Somali kids suffer from the highest malnutrition rates in the world. The severe drought affected the whole country according to UN recent report about Somali kids.

UN official said in an interview with the BBC World Service that two and a half million of Somalis are affected by the severe drought.

The severe drought in southern Somalia has caused lost of livelihood. The country has also been ravaged by two decades of endless wars and violence.

UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) said that Somalis are leaving rural areas to seek for work in towns of Somalia. The others are going to neighboring countries like Kenya to save themselves.

UN report also confirmed that one in four kids is malnourished. Lack of seasonal rainfall for the past two years had contributed to the sever drought.

Most of the Somalis are dependent on remittances from their Somali relatives working abroad. Somali has been affected by the global economic crisis for the past years.

The UN agencies have raised only a third of the food aid required by Somalia and other aid groups are also scarce of funds.

More than 30 people have died due from famine in central and southern Somalia in the past weeks. Most of those who have died

The drought continues to rage claiming the highest rate of lives since 2009. Most of the south-central Somali provinces were hit by the worst drought.

The humanitarian organizations including United Nations said that the situation will get worse if conflicts continue to surge over the region.

Somalia has been in constant wars for past two past decades since the collapse of the Somali state in January 21, 1991. Millions of lives were lost and countless number of people had been internally displaced.