US War Agenda Tramples Democratic Principles

Recent news unveiling the sexual harassment of dozens of Iraqi female interpreters by an American counter intelligence contractor in Baghdad’s Green Zone brought back the complex moral dilemma in which our nation has found no great honor.

As a soldier who served in the 3rd Armor Division in the 1970s during the Vietnam era, I strongly opposed the invasion of the Middle East.

I always have this idea that the US has no legal or moral avenues leading to Iraq. I soon realized that it represented just another move in commanding the Shiite distribution of petroleum to prevent the expansion of the Russian, Chinese consortium into Iraqi and Iranian alliances. I learned this from a former intelligence officer.

It became quite clear that the entire campaign on terrorism was fully exploited as an exponential assurance that the oil supply would make fuel costs amenable to the demands of American (Walmart) economy.

More than five Million Iraqi Orphans became orphans later. The Americans are faced with a new threat of Islamic revolution against corrupt Middle Eastern monarchies, which has begun to manifest in rising fuel and consumer prices.

It seems prophetic that America may soon be thrust into the dark abyss of a declining world currency. China, Russia, Japan and several Arab Gulf States recently contracted to adopt the Yuan and Euro as their international mediums.

This represents an apocalyptic sign that US currency is seen hanging over the edge of economic default. This problem will soon unleash unprecedented consequences upon the unprepared.

Americans must soon succumb to the sum of their indifference. It will miraculously recapture the spirit of the founding fathers, intellects and pioneers, who with great purpose selflessly exuded the greatest efforts of free will and blood sacrifice to shake the heavy bonds of despotism.

The course of fueling US economic growth in the 20th century changed after the Cuban missile crisis (Bay of Pigs operation) began to weave a web of deception from a morally nihilistic ideology of economic war against the third world.

The American economy has proliferated under the policies of this collective infiltration. US corporations profiting from the spoils of war, occupation and of proxy heads of state, made invincible against the democratic will of the people through brutal repression. It has always provided the conditions culminating in revolutions from communism to Islamic radicalism.

Perhaps when our way of life ends with the crash of the stock market and the loss of liberties purchased by the blood of forgotten statesmen, only then will my compatriots will begin to ask what has been happening since the end of WWII with the profiteering agenda of war and occupation business.

The popular nationalistic fervor of the time has been largely scripted through anti-Semitic hate mantras against the Arabs. It began with Pres. George W. Bush’s speech right after the 911 attacks. Mr. Bush sold the absurd notion that educated Arabs would be willing to commit murder suicide out of material envy.

The 911 Commission Report garnered the testimony of an investigating FBI agent who stated that Arabs were lashing out under the perception that US interests were seen as supporting brutal puppet regimes that catered to western interests, while the people suffered in abject poverty.

This is a modern lesson of centuries old Anglo-fascism, which profited from African slavery and the repressive policies leading to the genocidal depopulation of the Americas.

As a white man, I have zero pride in what my nation represents today and what it exemplifies in terms of democratic principle. Americans have allowed their elected officials to trample upon their solemn oaths to protect the constitution from all enemies. They, themselves have become the enemies of liberty and justice.

In allowing this to occur, Americans have become major players in self-satisfying delusions characteristically preceding the rapid decline of history’s lost states.