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Tracy Edward Tomlinson writes incisive investigative stories that make us think.
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Is American Freedom Under Fire?

I believe that privacy is more than protecting identifying information. Privacy is a citizen's wall between a government that serves and one that controls.

Freedom and Reality: A New Revolution

There is little doubt that America is moving down the slippery slope of decline as the super power it once was. Perhaps it is time for a new revolution and a new America.
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The American Presidential Path

In regard to his trip to Israel last week, I was shocked and saddened by Mr. Romney's blatant acquiescence to foreign influence in the US presidential campaign.
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Is US Policy An Obstacle to World Peace?

To accentuate the politics involved, it is ironic that the Obama administration stands by while non-citizens held on foreign territory in the combat arena - are still deemed ineligible for a mature legal process,

US War Agenda Tramples Democratic Principles

This is a modern lesson of centuries old Anglo-fascism, which profited from African slavery and the repressive policies leading to the genocidal depopulation of the Americas.

Morocco’s Christian Expulsions

It is truly a test of humility to watch the unfolding US reaction to dozens of Christian expulsions from Morocco over allegations of proselyting.

Chuck Green on Obama

Today I opened a forwarded copy of the Chuck Green article condemning Pres. Obama on every level of his political record.
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Israel’s Struggle for Democracy

One of its objectives is to foster public consolidation in a national referendum under its vision of demographics and security with respect to Israeli expansionism (a right wing objective).

Considering Exosolar Societies

Though it seems to be acceptable for people to be manipulated by human organizations it is considerably evident that an endemic terror is associated with the concept of non-human influence.

The Letter Everyone is Talking About

There were good points in the letter that I agree with. Regardless of political persuasion, we can all concur on one level that bad politics, greed and waste are sapping economic resources and stunting national growth.
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War is Terrorism, is War

Throughout history war has been the catalyst of scenarios culminating in acts of genocide and mass murder in such grand proportion that the sociopolitical impact has been that of a terrorism campaign.

Extraterrestrial Abduction – Fact or Fantasy?

'From the time I first awoke on that September morning of 1996, I knew that my memory was real. Regardless of what some might say about this, a person does know the difference between a dream and something real that has happened. Although, I must ad

What If We are Alone?

Perhaps we have misinterpreted the existence of a collective order in the cosmos, in which beings exist on escalating levels of evolution from primitive to various states of immortality.

Terrorism and the Islamic Fire

The Islamic terrorism of our time is not unique nor is it a new concept in it's intended sociopolitical effects in recent history.