Spiritual Retreat – Ifa Foundation Offers Healing From Abuse

Were you abused as a child? Are you living today as a survivor of abuse? You can become more than that! You can be a freed, fearless spirit.

Speaking to Vassa, she said: I was that person and now live a life I never imagined possible. I learned how to clear all that negativity and let go of everything that truly was not part of producing a high quality life. ‘I live my full self.’ My shape is that of a totally whole person … no wounds holding me back from having all the beauty life offers.

I have a successful marriage of thirty plus years. I have two healthy-minded children. I have a life so many aspire to live. It is truly amazing that I have found a path that uses my wisdom as well as my gifts which also produces a positive impact on so many people’s lives.

For over two decades, my story has been shared by so many families. My work as a healer, specializing in abuse issues has been sought after globally. I have developed a truly unique healing center that has become a place that changes peoples lives in one day. I will not only re-balance your energy through a series of nature based experiences, I will also coach you on how to make the change stick.

Those early years of your life do not have to deplete the rest of it. You are in control now! There are answers to those questions- I have unlocked the way, I can show you how, It is truly amazing. I have changed the shape and course of my life.


I know that everything happens for a reason and that what happened to me my entire childhood strengthened me and taught me through the pain… how to gain! I use every bit of it in a positive manner. I have been here working with both men and women globally to change their lives. I work with children, teenagers and adults of all ages. I have twenty years of experience at my foundation.

One trip to central Florida for the shedding and empowerment work may cut decades of therapy off your list and budget! I have a ten-acre retreat where mother nature brings the healing energy into alignment for me to use.

We can begin communicating from your location and map out a strategy that will be most effective for your specific journey. I use an ancient form of divination that will open the doorways to higher information for us to strategize our course. This one consultation is $75 and can be done via webex or phone. From that moment in your life…you will begin the change.


We will work together on a plan to change out all the negative influences from the time, to clear out what has been influencing you in a negative way from those experiences while embracing who you truly are today. Connecting the dots of your life’s history for a more successful healthy future.

I will be strong but sensitive with you, as I am a thoughtful caring mentor. I know what it feels like. I know what to do. And I make it work for you. Feel free to make a connection with me and see how you feel as well.

Call Vassa directly at 386-214-6489 (Florida) or toll free at 1-800-906-4322) or visit the website at http://www.ifafoundation.org/ and e-mail Vassa directly at

[email protected]