‘The Insurance Pro With the Fro’ Uses Humor to Catch New Business

In today’s competitive world of sales, one man decided to add a bit of humor to his insurance business. This created two results; first, he got remembered without fail, and secondly, it showed his potential clients the good natured aspect of his great personality and self deprecating wit. “Hi, I’m Seamus D. McDonald!” He says, “I’m “The Insurance Pro With The Fro!” Hilarious! It takes a rare, special kind of person that not only has a sense of humor, but than can make fun of themselves.

Seamus was born in the beautiful, vibrant city of Santa Monica, California in April of 1976. Growing up with three brothers was challenging for him, but he did just fine. Loving all the amazing, tropical, Southern California destinations, he decided to call it home for good. With degrees at U.C. Santa Barbara and Cal State Northridge, he returned to his roots where he discovered two things that would shape his life forever – his career as an licensed insurance professional, and his wife and daughter.


Seamus is passionate about his work, and about his life. He loves surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain biking, beach volleyball, fishing and above all, his family. But unlike many- his work also makes him happy. As a member of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, he has had the opportunity to better his business, contribute to the city, and improve himself professionally and personally through relationship building. He is also a member of TEAM Referral Networking Group of Beverly Hills. Seamus actively participates in positive ways in those chapters meetings to maximize success and help others.

His passion comes from his warm personality, and a genuine liking of people, with a legitimate desire to help them protect their assets; whether it be their business, home, auto, life, or health. He learned the business as a former Farmers Insurance agent turned broker, and now is a qualified licensed broker in the State of California with a property and casualty license, and a life, health, disability, and long term care license.

He strives to help educate and protect his clients, friends, families, and small businesses by providing a free, no obligation, comparison review. He prides himself on offering everyone superior customer service and the ability to provide the highest level of protection, with the most competitive prices. Able to handle any insurance needs, with over sixty insurance markets to choose from, he knows for a fact that he can provide people with the highest coverage’s at the lowest premiums. But don’t just take our word for it- to meet the man yourself, just pick up the phone and give him a call, and if you’re lucky, you just might get a laugh as you hear him say, “Hi! This is Seamus McDonald! The insurance pro with the fro!”

Seamus McDonald

News Insurance Services, Inc.

1501 Westcliff Dr. Suite 301

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Agency# 0E61920

Ca Lic.# 0G41725

949-791-1300 x 1315

949-478-6326 fax

310-245-1925 cell

[email protected]