Overcoming Environmental Toxins With Healthy Eating

By Sara Paul

Have you ever felt like you were too small and insignificant to make a difference? Well think again! Every day, every meal, and every purchase we make, we are voting for what we feel is important. So which is the right choice? Should it be local? Organic? Should you become a vegetarian, vegan, or raw foodie? How do you know which is the right choice? The answer is simple.

Any step towards a more conscious meal is a good one. Supporting the local farmers, choosing foods that are not processed, sprayed with chemicals, or grown with unnatural fertilizers is a great start. Going to the farmers market and learning about the seasons, trying new foods that you’ve never heard of or maybe we afraid to try, dining out somewhere different and expanding your pallet are all great ways to vote with your fork. You can also try joining a food co-op or a similar program.

CSA California (community supported agriculture)is an organization in which you can pick up a bag of hand picked, local organic produce every week for only twenty five dollars. When you become a member, you also get a weekly email that tells you what to expect in your bag, recipes that pertain to the items, and information on local events where you can learn more about a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. And to top it off, two dollars from every bag goes to school garden and nutrition programs.


CSA California is just one organization that is fighting the war on food. When we think about war, we think guns, bombs and army tanks, however, there is another war that is happening every day right under our noses. The war on food is serious! Our kids are deliberately poisoned in those lunch rooms, nuclear waste and toxic chemicals are being dumped into our oceans, and pesticides, heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals are polluting our air and water. We are all at risk if we don’t eat healthy. It’s time to fight for our lives and the precious natural resources that are rightfully ours. So grab your knife and fork and dig in!

CSA California is offering a free gift to anyone who joins the program between now and Mothers Day. To redeem the gift, sign up and enter the promo code: Real Raisins.

Contact CSA California at www.CSACalifornia.org