The War for Israel’s Independence

Israel’s enemies are becoming more and more vicious in their attacks. They claim to anyone who would still listen that it is the last attempt to save Israel from herself. To them the Palestinians are the answer, in fact the glorified goal, and cannot do anything wrong; Israel is at fault.

They no longer sound reliable, these “lovers of peace.” Just a few days ago they embarked on a field trip to the Palestinian village where the murderers of the five members of the Fogel Family lived. The brutal murder was a cold, calculated mission by two males, 18 and 19, one a student.

They murdered family members, first two boys, then the parents, then before leaving one decided to go back to grab a gun, probably thinking already about the next mission. The Fogel’s three-month-old girl was crying, so he killed her too. Had he noticed the other two boys, he would have murdered them as well.

To them, these were “Israelis and Jews.” Their ages, they said, played no part.

“Impossible,” shouted the mother of one of the perpetrators. “He took a shower, ate the food I cooked, and read books before he went to sleep,” she claimed. She was his alibi, the character witness and the judge: “No one from this village will dare touch children, it is against our religion, I have children too.”

It is against nature, utterly immoral, but to the Palestinians all is permissible and justifiable when enacted against Jews and Israelis.

The “peacenik” visitors on a field trip accused Israel, their homeland. Their position is quickly deteriorating, and even a democracy like Israel will soon have to vomit them from her midst. These are traitors of the worst kind: First, the claim was that it was the IDF (or other members of the Zionist Occupation Regime) who committed the murders to cast blame on Palestinians. Then, it was excused by the fact the murdered were “Settlers” and “religious (right wing extremist) Jews.”

To them, it is never the Palestinian fault’s and incomprehensible. Even when guilt is proven beyond all doubt, still excuses abound.

The investigator commented the two murderers knew the details perfectly, reciting them precisely. They executed the mission in cold blood, and were “cool about it.” Murdering Jews, young or old, is the right thing to do when official Palestinian incitement reaches the highest levels, far exceeding those of Nazi Germany.

Simply put, all is permissible.

For the Extreme Left, entrenching themselves deep in their positions is nothing but an act of desperation. They are fast loosing credibility. Soon the tide will turn against them, and then they will have good reason to blame Israel: Israel will no longer hesitate to put them out of business.

With the recognition of a free and independent Palestine by the Body of Nations almost a fait accompli in September, the role of Peace Now, J Street, Breaking the Silence, Machsom Watch, Women in Black and dozens upon dozens of organizations funded in whole or in part by the New Israel Fund will become obsolete.

For better or worse, there will be two states, living side by side, and the war of attrition will have began. The world’s intentions will be clear: A country, separate from Israel, confining Israel to the 1967 borders, with part of Unified Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital and a right for every Palestinian to return to his or her homeland, among many other rights. If Israel objects, the Security Council will unleash its forces, like it should have done in Darfur or in Iran but never dared to do. No holds will be barred to teach Israel a lesson.

An airport. A port. Unrestricted travel. Water drilling. Sewage dumping. A well trained military.

How will this all play out? Palestine will be a country, a member of the Family of Nations. Will Israel finally react, taking control of what is hers and make the separation a reality?

Many in the “softer” Left like Ameinu, those who do not call for the outright destruction of the Jewish State, understood some time ago their calls for “two people living side by side” make little sense insofar as they do not really envision separation between the two people.

To the everyday person, when we hear “two states” we understand exactly that – like Canada and the USA, USA and Mexico, South Korea and North Korea, or China and Vietnam – two separate entities: for each a passport, its own rules governing behavior, its own institutions and a complete separation.

Many of us remember Canadians traveling to Europe with their backpacks reading “We are Canadians, we are NOT Americans.” What will happen when the Palestinians are empowered to think that the country is rightly theirs? Will they attack Israel over water issues? Will Israel relent and allow free travel from Gaza to Egypt and from Judea and Samaria to Jordan?

What will happen to Israeli Arabs? Will they sit quietly hoping the Palestinian experiment works and then rise, or will they demand their national rights right then and there? Will Israel give them an ultimatum: Decide if you are staying as loyal citizens or move to Palestine as Palestinians. After all, if you call yourselves “Palestinians,” you are no longer members of Israeli society.

Drastic changes will be called for. The most important of which will be Israel’s facing the truth once and for all: “Two States for Two People” has not worked for 63 years, and was rejected time and again by the Arabs. “Palestine” is another ploy to destroy Israel, an entity designed to emerge from the ruins of the Jewish state. Both cannot exist.

The Soft Left understands that “two states” means, among other things, a border, passports and a division between the two people. Interestingly, the Palestinians do allow any Jews in their midst (and recent history shows us they will not allow Christians either). Yet, Israel is expected to allow free-everything to Muslims (Arabs or Palestinians).

So they will be allowed to work in Israel and expect to receive services like medical treatment and knowhow from Israel. They should be permitted to attend Israeli universities. Anything short of complete and free access will be deemed a continued exercise of an Apartheid regime by Israel.

In essence, they expect the status quo to continue, except they will be rudely awakened: If Israel is pressed to the wall, Israel will be left with no choice but to awaken as well. Suddenly, Israel will realize a need to defend her roads, water resources, her nature from contamination by free flowing sewage, its people from transmitted diseases.

If Israel stops all she has previously offered, from electricity to inoculations, from medical treatment to trade, the Palestinians will need to build a state with the understanding they are unwelcome in Israel. The status quo will change from a bad scenario of two people living together dysfunctionally, to two states competing for the same land. Alas, truth will finally be exposed!

The Extreme Left will become vindictive, its attacks sharper and stronger than before. If everything Israel had done were wrong and evil, everything she would do from that point onward will be magnitudes worse. The Extreme Left will be exposed, their goal clear: Nothing is acceptable short of full annihilation of the Jewish State.

The Soft Left, like Ameinu, not fully blinded by hatred, understands that “Palestine” will mean a border, like the “Wall” Israel has erected to combat Muslim terrorism infiltration. What excuse will be used when it is merely the legitimate border they so desired?

So they must change their tactics and rhetoric. Their new vision: Two Countries Living Side by Side, with peace flourishing based on full economic cooperation between Israel, Palestine and Jordan.

Since the Soft Left is far from stupid and have shown they are realists (be flexible in one’s position else you may lose your holdings), they should realize this aspiration of economic success driving peace is as far removed from reality as their notion of “Two States” (unless they refer to Jordan and Israel, a predominantly “Palestinian” state and a predominantly Jewish state, already living in peace side-by-side).

The scenario did not work with Egypt and it was a very cold peace.

Any economic “prosperity” that exists in the Palestinian “territories” is nothing but a mirage, due to enormous sums of money being injected there. They must keep the money coming.

Most importantly, when one side engages in constant incitement and sabotage like burning Israeli goods or boycotting Israeli companies, what type of economic “cooperation” may be expected?

The short answer is that Israel must continue in servitude to the Palestinians, until they manage to drive the Jews into the Sea. Unfortunately for the Palestinians, the creation of “Palestine” on the ruins of Israel will cause Israel to finally react, something she has avoided for decades.

As if Israel was under the influence of the strongest narcotics for the better part of the last two decades, the UN General Assembly vote may act as the necessary electric shock stimulus. One can hope that Israel will be revived and start fighting for survival. Failure to do so would mean Israel’s oblivion.

Israel has not engaged in any meaningful protection of her own existence for a very long time. Possibly it is a result of the constant injections of massive doses of powerful, potent drugs by her enemies, and by those within. September will be the tipping point, and there will be many casualties. First and foremost, the idea of Peace will cease to exist, and the war for Israel’s independence will recommence.

Ari Bussel
In the series "Postcards from Israel," Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel's on the ground, Zager's counter-point from home. Israel and the United States are inter-related - the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts - and so is this "point - counter-point" presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.