Jaclyn Kalkhurst Brings Reiki to the Mainstream in Downtown LA

Once something found only in new age magazines or alternative communities in modern days, the ancient art of Reiki is rapidly coming in to the mainstream, proving itself as an effective method of homeopathic treatment. Whether it is the high powered business executive that wants to re-charge his or her energy, or even the college student that wants to help ease tension and get their mind back in better focus, Reiki is an ancient art that is quickly becoming the all natural answer to some of the problems associated with life in today’s modern, fast paced culture. Men and women of all ages, and even students and children have found proven benefit from Reiki that can help ground ones energy, lessen or remove feelings of trauma, de-stress, and even heal the body.

Jaclyn Kalkhurst – Reiki Master

Acclaimed expert in the ancient healing arts, the stunning mystery of Los Angeles’ Jaclyn Kalkhurst may begin on the surface when you first see her, but is eternally deep, when you get to know and have your first experience with the Reiki master; feeling the warm, shimmering love from her very soul with session number one. Hailing from the mystical land of Hong Kong, Jaclyn embraces her traditional Asian upbringing, and- despite her powerful presence and expansive training, is as down to Earth and as sweet as can be.


With her central center in the hub of downtown Los Angeles, Jaclyn Kalkhurst is nourishing the needs of downtown L.A’s growing population of young and successful executives and entrepreneurs who are seeking a more healthy, holistic lifestyle, and a more natural approach to improved living. She also serves adults of all ages, through all stages of life.

Life Changing Experiences Through Reiki

World master in the ancient healing technique of Reiki, Jaclyn provides sessions to select clients that many confess are nothing short of ‘life changing,’ for the most positive experience ever. If you have ever gotten a ‘static shock’ from walking across a carpet or similar, then you can know it to be true that the human body can carry and transmit electrical power.

Reiki, the art of mastering and channeling similar external energies through the body of the practitioner into the client by means of simply holding ones hands near the body, yet not even touching it, provably can activate the natural internal healing ability of the client. Reiki does factually, often handle physical and emotional discomforts and problems with stunningly real success, when correctly done. Further information on Reiki can be found at: www.reikiwithjaclyn.com


Jaclyn Kalkhurst – Healing Arts Master

Jaclyn Kalkhurst, a master at the healing arts, has over twenty years of experience with the intuitive arts, and comes from a long and respected line of homeopathic healers and visionaries. Born and raised in Hong Kong, the captivating and intense adept had an amazing upbringing, unique not only to Hollywood, but to Hong Kong. At home on the Chinese island, Jaclyn was influenced at a young age by her father’s prolific studies of Chinese Medicine, Chi-Gong, and the healing techniques of physicist and energy healer Barbara Brennan.

With an uncompromising integrity for the workable practice of Reiki as well as other modalities, Jaclyn Kalkhurst is rapidly making many firm believers out of Hollywood’s elite, and corporate CEO’s that have discovered that opening their mind, means expanding their personal power and improving their life. Creating balls of energy between her hands, and locating people’s auras (both certifiably proven through quantum physics), were just some of the many things this Energy Master did as a child and teenager growing up with her father on a daily basis. In secondary school, Jaclyn began Reiki and Sekhem training under the tutelage of two Reiki Masters, including her biology teacher, also a Sekhem Master. By the time Jaclyn graduated and left for college in the United States, she had attained Reiki Level 2 and Sekhem Level 2 certification.

Driven by a continued curiosity of energy work and its proven effects on a human being, Jaclyn founded a Spiritual Exploratory Group at The University of Southern California, which was a student organization dedicated to the safe, communal exploration of New Age theory.

After graduating with a B.F.A. in Stage Management, Jaclyn was appointed Religious Director of the popular group, and later, Director of Spirituality and the Arts at USC. Since then she has completed her training in Usui Reiki, attaining a Master’s certification through Samadhi for Peace, under the guidance of Jona Genova.

Jacyln also attained a Master’s certification in the powerful Holy Fire / Karuna Reiki from The ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training) and learned directly from widely respected ICRT founder William Lee Rand. Jaclyn is now improving the lives of others with profound impact, as a full time Reiki practitioner, and is a proud Affiliate member of ICRT.

Devoted to Helping Others Find Balance and Healing

Without attitude or pretension, Jaclyn’s healing practice is informed and imbued by the many traditions she has studied and mastered throughout the years. A session with Jaclyn draws upon her wealth of interdisciplinary experiences and professional and life work to address the specific needs of her client as holistically and effectively as possible, with sincere restoration. Lovingly, what guides Jaclyn in her practice is a true heart, and a principal desire to help and to heal. A session with Jaclyn is a gift to ones self, and with sincerity, one that will profoundly and beautifully last forever.

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