New Religion Calls on Followers to Gamble

Followers Worship God by “Gambling.”

Once again Controversial Author & Newly Announced Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad has made a controversial move in his career as an internet gadfly.

Muhammad recently created a New Religion known as “The Religion of Power.” See the Ministry’s website for more info on that here

The twist to this religious practice is that the religion revolves around the idea that black people and even the color black has the mystical power of “luck.” This idea is what prompted Muhammad to call followers to play the lotto as a means of worshiping their God A.L.L.A.H, which is also depicted as Black.

Muhammad believes that a true believer of this practice will gain wealth through this belief system, and aims his recruiting campaign at the poor.

Here is a recent Twitter Advertisement released by the Prophet

Good News and Hope For the Poor

lotto logo

Muhammad tells Newsblaze that “This Religion was revealed to me as good news and hope for the poor – who are 75% black in America. And under my system, I believe if one feels lucky because of who they are, then that spirit will bring them luck.”

Although America has its racial problems, this new religion could be of profit to all involved, and people who have reviewed the religion’s website are sure the gaming commission would love the idea. Muhammad mentions in the introduction of the site that this religion is not built upon advocating race – only the mystical power of colors.

And you will also see that Muhammad has added yet another title to his reputation which is “The Black Buddha.” And this tells me that he is making himself a symbol of luck that followers can believe in. This concept is not new but, it has worked wonders for the Chinese, who to this day believe that Buddha brings them wealth.

Looking back into history, we know that gambling and luck both played a large part in the finding and founding of America, and, given the past success of America, before it started its recent experiment with Marxism, this could be the way to really help the poor. “The Black Buddha” could be “manifesting” “The Religion of Power” into a force as powerful as “The Secret,” but for the poor.

This is a very interesting religion for those down on their luck and looking for a sense of hope of gaining some financial relief. And as Muhammad mentioned to us, his religion is trying to raise a new generation of gamblers, and if you believe, you will be a winner. We at NewsBlaze don’t know if there is any truth to this belief system, but all we can say is that it has worked wonders for those that sell Chinese Buddhas.

one million dollar bill 1 000 000

And it would be interesting to see if this “Black Buddha” can do the same for America – Who knows, if this is successful, Muhammad may next persuade America to legalize prostitution. He seems to advocate everything else, but you gotta love his creativity and zeal – we wish him all the luck.

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