Four Irrefutable Ways Stem Cell Treatments are Changing Lives

Before you became who you are, you were a bundle of cells in your mother’s womb. Undifferentiated cells capable of becoming any kind of cells percolated and eventually ended up forming a viable fetus. Those were stem cells, and once they differentiate, you can’t tell the difference between a stem cell and the cell it becomes.

What Stem Cells Do

Despite the bad press, these magic beans to your body’s beanstalk show tremendous potential in healing injuries, disease and other conditions. For example, blood stem cells have saved thousands of kids with leukemia. Stem cells are used for tissue grafts to treat diseases, bone injury and skin damage. Researchers have just begun using stem cells to further medical capabilities.

Example Stem Cell Treatment

During stem cell treatment, doctors harvest cells from your healthy bone marrow. They make blood cells, especially white blood cells needed by your immune system. Blood cancers and radiation damage these cells during cancer treatments. Performing a stem cell transplant lets the undamaged cells take over in your bone marrow, allowing your body to make cancer-free blood cells.

This same procedure can provide help for arthritis, diabetes and a number of other conditions caused by age, injury or disease.

Now, you don’t have to stay home to heal. Travel to Greece, China and other exotic locales for a few restful days before your procedure. Stem cell treatment is often less expensive abroad, giving you extra money to spend on a mini vacation, according to, a medical eco-tourism site specializing in connecting patients with clinics abroad.

Four Ways Stem Cell Treatments Change Lives

Stem cells help people live better and longer, and going offshore for the procedure saves thousands of dollars. Let’s look at four ways stem cell treatments give hope to sick patients.

  • Different types of stem cells serve different purposes in the body
  • The same stem cell treatment can work for different diseases or conditions
  • The science behind a disease should match the science behind the treatment
  • Cells from your body may be safer when used in treatments

Find Out More

Find out more about how this treatment can help replace neurons in a damaged in a strike, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, or other problems. It can even make insulin to counteract diabetes or heart muscle cells to help the heart heal after a heart attack. You can use the site to find the location of a clinic near you as well as comparing costs and even booking.

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