Eight Web Page Design Trends That Will Dominate

Print media is still alive. Though, unlike print, digital media is growing exponentially and there have been many changes in digital media. Every year brings more changes and here are some of the things to look out for. It seems that lately color and experimental ideas that strive to capture the visitor’s attention without compromising simplicity are trending.

Color revolution

Gone are the days when brands used colors considered as web-safe. Bold and vibrant colors are in especially for a company wanting to be distinctive or a new brand bidding to win the attention of people online.

Thanks mainly to the improvement in gadgets and devices, color displays look better on monitors. Of course, the shifting trends in web page design also mean that the excessive use of color is less frowned upon and more mainstream.

Depth and shadows

While using shadows in web page design is not new, it has not gained much attention. Though, these days modern web design makes use of shadows to create depth and to make viewers feel like there is a world beyond their screen. Grids is just one example of the witty use of shadows to create depth.

Particle backgrounds

If there are performance issues once videos run in the background, particle backgrounds could be the remedy. Since these are lightweight JavaScript animations, it will support movement in the background without affecting the website’s load speed too much.

Images can tell a better story than words, and it is more moving than just text. Particle backgrounds attract visitors. It also allows brands to create a memorable first impression on people who drop by for a visit. Aside from that, motion graphics similar to this have gained popularity on social media, and it can provide leads back to a website.

Mobile-first design

Mobile-friendly design is one of the essentials of successful web page design nowadays as more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. A lot of people use their smartphones to place orders which is why web designers have a problem on their hands – how to maximize the screen to contain all the products and offerings of a certain store.

Eventually, the market adapted to mobile devices, and now many e-commerce stores found a way to display images featuring their products on a mobile website without making it difficult for customers to place an order or to learn more about the product.

Custom illustrations

When it comes to illustrations, you want to look for one that will do two things – resonate with the principles of your brand and reflect the kind of personality you want your company to have. These are crucial especially in a market that becomes more crowded each year.

Brands that are known to have a fun vibe may have no issues with this trend but those perceived to be more somber and serious might have some issues adapting. This also makes it more crucial for any company to find an illustration that matches their brand’s personality.

Grid layouts

Broken and asymmetrical are trending. These days a lot of brands have decided to follow this trend and to go for a unique and experimental feel for their web page design.

There are still countless brands that stick to the grid-based structure, but it can’t be denied that a lot of websites are adapting to the unconventional layouts that make them more attractive to a larger portion of the market. Bigger brands are usually the ones who take on this kind of risks although there are also smaller companies who are not afraid to change things up.

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Integrated animations

Some websites have said goodbye to boring images, and they are constantly looking for ways to use animation to engage users. Graphics can be integrated in a lot of small ways such as when the website is loading. These images can also serve as the focal point of the website.

Dynamic gradients

Dimensional colors were not too popular years back, and more web designers preferred flat design. However, gradients are making a comeback through subtle shading which will make the image three-dimensional.

Gradients are not just full of color. They also tend to be big and loud. One trend to make photos more intriguing is to have a gradient filter over an image. When there are no other images you can use, a gradient background could do the trick.

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