4 Surprising Fall Fashion Trends

Fall is just around the corner and the new season promises not to disappoint when it comes to some exciting fashion trends. From fun to electrifying and classic to current, here are four surprising fall fashion trends.

The 80s Are Back

As the 2018 runway season came to a close, one fashion trend became quite apparent in every city around the world: the ’80s are back. Inflated shoulders, power leathers, bright neon colors, and even acid washed jeans dominated the runways.

Some fashionistas aren’t too excited about the comeback of glam, but maybe if the music comes back with it, wearing that pouf skirt might be a bit more bearable.

Fringe Reappears (Again)

Inspired by Native American culture, fringe became popular in the fashion world during the 1920’s with a dress known as the Charleston. The whole point of these fringe dresses was so that they could move and shake while the wearer danced about.

After disappearing, it made a comeback in the 50’s. Fringe took on a rebellious tone as it became popular on black leather motorcycle jackets, commonly worn by the Hell’s Angels. It remained popular in the 60’s and 70’s and after a long hiatus, fringe is once again reappearing.

Leopards, Tigers, and Zebras, Oh My!

Instead of neutrals, celebrities, designers, and basically anyone who loves fashion is wearing animal prints. Whether it’s leopard spots, zebra and tiger stripes, or striped hyenas, animal prints are everywhere, including shoes, purses, coats, and dresses.

Animal prints are a trend that have been around since the 18th century and this is one fashion trend that just doesn’t want to die. One reason they are so wildly popular is that they come in browns, blacks and beiges, which means they can be worn with nearly every type of women’s clothing during any season of the year.

Capes: Not Just for Superheroes

Superhero movies have become wildly popular, but besides the movies, one more place capes are getting a lot of attention lately is the runway. This can only mean one thing – capes have become a new fashion trend. Besides providing a way to add drama to a floor-length evening dress, capes can also be worn as a coat (like a jumbo-sized poncho) or as a long sweater worn with a plain blouse and snazzy pair of jeans.

Both long and short capes are extremely versatile. No matter how they’re worn, capes are a fun accessory for those who either don’t like sleeves or they want to add a modern touch to their wardrobe.

Melissa Thompson
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