Are You Traveling Down a Dead End Street?

I listened to and read President Obama’s remarks about this nation’s propensity for using drugs and how this adds to the violence in Mexico. He stated, the majority of the violence in Mexico is caused by the drug lords fighting for superiority.

Why they fight is because this nation’s usage of their drugs. If this nation wouldn’t use drugs there would be no fighting.

A simple discovery, or is it too simple?

What Mr. Obama and the majority of the liberals in this nation don’t understand, is why people in this nation turn to drugs. Liberals started the drug craze in the 1960’s and it remains today.

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

Our society has lost the meaning of life and the basic purpose of our journey on this planet called earth. What is the purpose of life and why are we here? These questions have been asked by almost every generation of man since the beginning of time.

dead end street

Those who have fought in wars fought for one basic reason and that was to have peace in the world and especially at home. They wanted families, homes, and neighborhoods that were safe and freedom was given to everyone.

They fought and died for those who live today and enjoy what freedoms are left. What has happened is, we the American people suffer from the lack of gratitude, for those who preserved our freedoms. We take for granted our lives in a free society, and don’t appreciate our gift of life.

I believe it is stated in the scriptures that God has no tolerance for those who have no gratitude, or words to that effect. I have discovered one answer to the question about our journey on this earth.

We Have Two Lives

It is for us to learn from the two lives we live. One life is the life we learn with, even if from others, and gain a correct perspective about life.

The second life is how we live after we have learned, this means to apply what we have learned and become a better person and people.

If we never progress in this life, to a point of gratitude and appreciation for others, then we fail one of our purposes for life.

Drugs are a sign of our total self absorption of what people believe freedom is and live the lifestyle of, anything goes.

Morality is part of integrity and we have slipped into degradation and shallow bad lifestyles.

Ignoring History Leads To Repeating It

We must take advantage of history and the price others have paid for our freedoms and learn to appreciate what they have done for us.

We must not just be educated but we must learn to love others and find humility and honest appreciation that leads to honest sincere love of others and apply this knowledge to our lives.

The foundation of a free society is integrity. People must be honest, faithful, caring, loving and appreciative for their blessings. A society of apathy is doomed by its own will and inaction.

Military might is a peace keeping tool but we first must be worthy of peace. I have never killed another person but I was trained how to kill and shoot several different types of weapons.

I thank God that I have never had to shoot someone or blow up a tank or shoot down a plane. Even so, I am so grateful for my military training and the opportunity to serve my country.

We the people must change our ways of this life we are now pursuing.

This collective lifestyle if not checked will become our demise. We are traveling down a dead end street.

The greatest work we can ever do is within the four walls of our own homes.

Our Advantage Over Other Life Forms

Man is the only animal on earth that has agency, the freedom to choose between good or evil. Men basically are not good and are basically carnal, in this state evil is always a choice. People have to want peace, happiness and joy in life but that never comes when we choose evil over good.

The beauty of life is family, friends, and a clear conscience. The five areas of happiness come from this simple formula. Balance life with these six areas of life. Family, comes first, and then Spirituality, a need to be good, Education, enlightens the intellect, Social, good friends and neighbors, Physical, good health. Mental, includes mental health, keep a sound mind, body, and spirit…

If we gain this perspective about life then we can never fail ourselves or others. The family unit in this nation is the basic purpose of life. We must have families to maintain life and a culture that teaches good over evil.

Avoid the drastic measures that lead to addictions, alcoholism and sinister life changing habits… Physical and mental abuse should never be the motivating force in any relationships, husbands, fathers, mothers, and children should never be subject to tolerate abuse any time..

A very good man once stated “the greatest work we can ever do is within the four walls of our own homes.” – Quote David O. McKay…

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.