7 Simple Steps to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Doctor Explains the Reasons for the Current Epidemic

New York, NY – The problem of overweight children in America is easily explained, according to Dr. Alvin Eden, MD, longtime pediatrician and author of Positive Parenting. Larger portion sizes and eating out more often are both part of the problem. Children also spend too much time with TV, video games, and computers.

With all of this temptation available to kids, what are parents to do?

The treatment of childhood obesity is difficult. “The relapse rate is well over 95 percent,” says Dr. Eden, whose many years of experience as a pediatrician have shown him that the best way to deal with childhood obesity is, in fact, through prevention. Prevention techniques should start at a very early time in the child’s life to maximize effectiveness.

Here are 7 simple and specific steps that parents can follow to prevent obesity:

  • Breast feed for at least 3 months if possible
  • Identify whether or not your family history is “high risk” for obesity
  • Limit juice to 4 oz. per day, and limit milk to 16 oz. per day
  • Minimize TV in the first 2 years of a child’s life, and allow only 1 hour per day after 2 years
  • Encourage your child to exercise each day
  • Make sure your child drinks at least 8 oz. of water each day
  • Replace all unhealthy snacks in your house with healthy ones and never use food as a reward
  • By giving your child a healthy relationship with food from the beginning, you’ll give your child the opportunity to become a healthier, happier human being. Read more about these simple tips and other ways to raise healthy children from birth to three years in Positive Parenting.

    Alvin N. Eden, M.D., F.A.A.P., is chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Wyckoff Heights Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, and clinical professor of pediatrics at Weill Medical College of Cornell University. He is a practicing pediatrician and has contributed numerous pediatric articles to medical literature.

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