Horoscope Introduction – You are The Star in Your Life

As you learn more about yourself, you become better able to use wisely not just a few, but all the opportunities and energies in your life. For over 3,000 years, astrology has been the sharpest tool used to describing our human condition.

In almost every culture on planet earth, astrology continues to illuminate where the links are between individual lives and planetary energies that cyclically effect us.

The purpose of using such information helps you take a more active role in creating your present and, by extension, your future as it shows how to apply ancient wisdom to today’s world.

Your aim is to facilitate your day-to-day Journey by revealing turns in the road of life then describing the best ways for you to navigate them.

Highest use of Astrology is to enable you to garner more knowledge about yourself as well as perspective of the ways you view your surroundings.

It is common to go through life feeling blown about by forces beyond your control. Astrology can help you see the changing tides inside and on the outside of your life. This allows you to recognize shifting patterns, and to alter moods and circumstances in your life.

That helps you to stay centered. Doing so empowers you. As you move forward with new strength and assurance, you grow to better understand your own needs. This more clearly defines challenges as well as real opportunities you encounter. It is most important that you come to see the difference.

2009 monthly Astrology Guide describes patterns of your life as they are reflected in the great cycles of the sky above. It does not simply predict events, it will illuminate examples of them.

Reporting planetary energies – the cosmic weather in which you are living – allows you to understand conditions and thus use this knowledge to become more life-effective.

Power however, is not in the stars, of course, but in your mind, your heart, and choices you make every day. Regardless of how mildly or harshly winds of change batter you, with knowledge to serve as your buffer, you are strengthened. Your mind will have many ways of viewing any given situation.

Learning about energies of the Sun, Moon, and your universal planets both widens and sharpens your own perspective. Thousands of years of human experience have proven astrology’s value.

The purpose here is to help you find ways to enrich your life with it.

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