7 Body Positivity Podcasts Everyone Should Hear

About 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies. Nearly 1/4 of people who go on diets to achieve their “ideal” body will wind up with a partial or full-blown eating disorder. With only 5% of women naturally having the body type worshipped by the media, many are turning to extreme measures to achieve their weight and fitness goals.

The body positivity movement is aiming to change that trend by encouraging men and women to love their bodies. These seven body positive podcasts are making waves.

1. The BodCast

Focusing on radical body positivity, Bustle’s bi-weekly podcast The Bodcast features a different guest with each episode.

Most guests are influencers in the body positivity movement, particularly those who focus on and combat the way overweight individuals are treated, paid and represented in the media.

Past guests have included Virgie Tovar, burlesque dancer Lillian Bustle and Bad Fat Broads.

2. The Recovery Warrior Show

Host Jessica Raymond puts a positive spin on recovering from an eating disorder. The Recovery Warrior features survivors of eating disorders who share their stories and overcoming their addiction.

The podcast also offers tips from professionals and aims to de-stigmatize the discussion of eating disorders.

3. The Brown Chicken Brown Cow Show

The Brown Chicken Brown Cow Show (BCBC) offers a weekly podcast focused on body positivity as well as sex and gender positivity. The adult-themed show focuses on a specific topic each month, with the goal of helping listeners celebrate and embrace who they are rather than trying to change themselves.

BCBC also releases mini-podcasts every Thursday that are 5-15 minutes long and laser focused on a topic.

4. Mind Body Musings

The Mind Body Musings podcast focuses on intuitive eating, maintaining a healthy weight and self-acceptance. The goal is to change the mindset, instead focusing on loving the body and providing it with everything it needs to flourish.

From earth healing to building healthy life habits and forging meaningful connections, Mind Body Musings covers a wide range of topics related to the body positivity movement including heavier topics like drug detox.

5. Food Psych

The Food Psych podcast has been around since 2013. Host Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN talks with guests about their relationships with body image, food, weight and size acceptance.

Harrison is all about intuitive eating and rejecting conventional dieting fads. She herself has transformed from a “disordered eater and dieter” to an anti-diet dietician.

The weekly podcast challenges diet culture while encouraging everyone to love their bodies.

6. The BodyLove Project

The BodyLove Project is a podcast dedicated to helping people love their bodies. Host Jessi Haggerty interviews experts and regular people on topics that include body positivity, intuitive eating and weight inclusivity.

Past topics include building body trust, how diet culture impacts body image, emotional eating and eating disorder recovery.

7. Bad Fat Broads

Bad Fat Broads is a radical feminist podcast that challenges the body inclusivity conversation by taking a more critical, unapologetic approach.

Bad Fat Broads is one of the more well-known podcasts, and their crass style isn’t for the faint of heart.

Melissa Thompson
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