Will the Perpetrator Read Charlene Spierer’s Spirited Plea to Come Forward?

“Do you think this is a game? This is no game. We are in this for the long haul. Do you think we are going to walk away without finding out the answers? Do you think we are going to rest until we find Lauren? We will not. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU HAVE TAKEN FROM US. We will NEVER give up. What are you thinking? I would really like to know. I am waiting to hear from you.” Charlene Spierer

lauren spierer

A lead on JVM’s Issues last night pushes my button. Best information is usually local. Bingo, WRTV Indianapolis has coverage going back to June 3rd. The television news is archived along with dozens of articles, in real time as more information breaks. This is the route to take, if you want to get a grip, and I do.

Still, the circumstances of that night in Bloomington, Indiana could use some clarification. One thing that stands out immediately, is that too much drinking was involved that early summer night. But problems with the timeline stick out also. Several young men (either directly or indirectly involved) provided DNA samples early on.

But what can the Bloomington police associate this DNA with? The alley where Lauren was last seen? Heard that Lauren’s shoes and cellphone were left at the Sports Bar, which I’ve seen images of on newscasts from WRTV. The name of this Sports Bar escapes me? Then, Lauren’s car keys were found in an alley. Lots of mention of the alley. Must be important?

Something about an altercation in Smallwood Plaza? Oddest aspect of all, Corey Rossman remembers little about this fight. Was he knocked out? Who was involved in the fight? Did Corey sustain any detectable injuries that could verify the altercation in Smallwood Plaza? After three months, Rossman attorney’d up.

Confusing to me also, is that Jason Rosenbaum was the last person (apparently) to see Lauren Spierer. Were Jason and Corey ever together with Lauren that night? And how could Lauren’s keys fall to the ground and these guys (or perhaps, guy) didn’t notice this accident? Did Jay Rosenbaum pass a polygraph test, as claimed by his attorney, James Voyles?

I have a lot more research to do. I return to Charlene’s letter, which is pointed directly at whoever did this to Lauren. I can’t feel it. You can’t feel it. Only Lauren’s mother knows what she’s been through since June 3rd. Letter may pry open new leads. Letter tells of packing 19 boxes of college things to be shipped home. Heart-breaking, even for us unattached people, sympathetic nonetheless.

Yea, read Charlene’s letter a dozen times or more. Back through the IndyChannel.com (same as WRTV) archives for real time coverage. Lauren’s hard to comprehend disappearance, in what looks like a crazy college night out on the town. Surveillance footage galore, and yet the sequence of events riddled with black holes? Perpetrator has memorized Charlene’s letter, and is reading my post at this very moment?