The Secret About Anthony Michael Hall

Anthony Michael Hall has made an indisputable mark in lives all over the world. With his breakthrough performances in John Hughes’ series of teenage angst films including “Sixteen Candles” and “Breakfast Club” among more, he captured the shy, withdrawn, and often overlooked pain that we’ve all gone through.

In his transitional films and starring role in USA Networks’ “The Dead Zone,” Anthony Michael Hall has shown us that drama is well within his grasp as an actor. His work on “The Dead Zone” has also allowed him to extend his talents into producing. His later project, “Aftermath,” included such stars as Tony Danza, Elisabeth Rohm, the late Chris Penn among others.


Film producer Bruce Edwin of The Hollywood Sentinel states, “For his starring role on The Dead Zone, Anthony Michael Hall studied hundreds of hours about metaphysics and spiritual study. During this time, he became a very spiritual person, with a strong sense of character, and firmly grounded as a person who follows the path of wisdom and light. He is a truly enlightened, sweet, brilliant guy. Probably his biggest challenge however is that he is complete and total babe magnet.

I did a lunch with him once and this smoking hot waitress was nearly trying to sit on his lap to give him her number, nearly falling out of her blouse, and the same hour, this beautiful woman on the arm of a man passing by outside of this restaurant returned seconds later to the window alone, with her face literally pressed up against the glass, I mean with her lips kissing the glass. The next thing I saw was this same guy in the window trying to pull her away by the arm. I swear to you that is no exaggeration.

If Anthony Michael Hall ever has any trouble, its probably because a guy is mad that his woman is chasing Anthony Michael Hall. I kid you not. He’s a great looking guy, but its more than that, he’s got a certain magic and power about him with woman that is just unbelievable. I mean he’s just on fire!”

But beyond being a sex symbol that many woman obsess over, Anthony Michael Hall’s pursuit of film is now taking him to new heights most can only dream of. With having had two independent films wrapping and in post production a year ago, this major talent is now shooting back to back, and is in high demand as one of the most recognizable and gifted actors of our time.