Jews and Muslims in America Share Common Values

Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Hannah Rosenthal said a recent Gallup poll showed that Jews and Muslims in America share common values – whether on domestic or international issues.

In her remarks at the “American Leadership Initiative for Muslims,” Ms. Rosenthal discussed the U.S. Government to promote human rights and combat hatred of all kinds in

Bethesda Hyatt, Maryland.

“I stand here today as a first generation American Jew, and I am speaking to the Shia leadership of the country. Most people would look at us tonight and wonder what we had in common to discuss. They would be surprised to learn how much we share.First and foremost, we are Americans, and share the pride and love we have for this country, our Constitution, and what America stands for in the world.” -Ms. Rosenthal

Ms. Rosenthal highlighed that Jews and Muslims in America share an immigrant experience. She said Jewish immigrants, who arrived in multiple waves of immigration, mostly visibly in the late nineteenth century, often used education as a means of gaining a foothold in America and of finding a way to contribute to our new country.

“And the study shows that Muslims are taking a similar approach. Muslims and Jews have the largest number of degrees of higher education among all religious groups in the U.S.” -Ms. Rosenthal

She stated that according to a recent report, Muslims and Jews are more likely than adherents of any other tradition to conceal their religious identity. She added that sixty percent of Muslim Americans polled say they experience prejudice against Muslims.

“The fact that Muslims experience prejudice here in America concerns me, as an American, as a Jew, and as a U.S. government official. Later in this discussion, I will explain how I incorporate that concern in my own work.” -Ms. Rosenthal

Ms. Rosenthal noted that Jews and Muslims share so many experiences in the U.S. She said that as small religious minorities, each under two percent of the population, they experience marginalization. She pointed out that because both of their communities focus on education, they have been able to develop new opportunities for our next generations.

“We both share a drive not only to make America our home, but to attain a prominent role and make a major contribution to this newfound homeland. We share remarkable parallels, and to move forward with collaborations will help both of our communities reach those goals.” -Ms. Rosenthal

Ms. Rosenthal also underscored that the United States is making some of efforts with governments, international organizations, and civil society, and encourage world’s engagement to help educate the US and the world about Muslims.

Mina Fabulous
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