What Motive Lies Behind Shooting of Mollie Olgin and Kristene Chapa in Portland?

Mollie Didn’t Have Any Identifiable Enemies

I thought my research was complete when, just minutes ago, I noticed ABC released information that Mary Kristene Chapa remembers the night that she and Mollie Judith Olgin were shot at Violet Andrews Park (June 22nd). Yet the facts lingering in my head come from an article published yesterday in the Corpus Christi Caller Times (Memorial remembers girl shot and killed in Portland by Julia Silva). The reflections intimated here reinforce my belief that Mollie couldn’t have had any identifiable enemies in her immediate circle of acquaintances.

mollie olgin ii
mollie olgin ii

These latest morsels of data, along with a new report of what the suspect may look like, coming from a witness who emerges suddenly emboldened, has stimulated some idle reconstructions in my own mind, as to who was so crazy with hatred to shoot these two girls. I looked about for news footage of the ocean view observation deck at this popular Portland Park. ABC 13 has some good video shots of the cursed deck, so I used them to create my simulation, thinking this exercise would help me come to a realization about the truth, a vision of the terrible thing that happened here.

Insightful Momentum Can Accelerate When Looking At Photographs

Not that I’m a psychic or a soothsayer or anything, far be it from me making those outlandish claims. But I do think insightful momentum can accelerate when looking at photographs or video footage of a crime scene. I better cut through the morass of narcissistic chit-chat, and quick! Why did the killer choose Violet Andrews Park to carry out this particularly atrocious crime? Did he believe the girls were alone? Did he not see all the cars in the parking lot? And (naturally enough), was the shooting planned out ahead of time?

mollie olgin ii vap
mollie olgin ii vap

How did the killer come to know of Mollie and Kristene, even if only casually? Or did he only first see them that night at the park? Portland Police Chief, Randy Wright, has hinted at the idea that the killer somehow knew them from somewhere before. As for the description of the assailant (white male in 20s with dark hair. 5 foot 8, weighing around 140 pounds), given by our new mystery witness, I noticed one slight discrepancy. The New Civil Rights Movement has reported the suspect may be a ‘light-skinned Hispanic.’

Very Different Scenarios

They derived this fact right from The Portland Texas Police Department. I tried to go to the link for this suspect description, but it’s been taken down now. Every other news service I’ve read says he is white, but possibly he may be Hispanic. I wonder why only one news service mentioned the ambiguity, this possible duality of ethnic identification? Perhaps I’m reading more into this than I ought to, yet two very different scenarios come to mind when you change the description from Anglo to Hispanic.

The harder I try to be impartial in my reporting of this story about this double shooting (of a teenage lesbian couple), the less I’m able to do so. All the information I’m able to harness on the personalities or characters of these two girls, is telling me this should never have occurred. And yet it did. Reading of the memorial service for Mollie on Friday just brings out what a good person she was. Why did this tragedy have to take place, or is there even a real why?

More Questions…

Other questions come up when I focus in on the tourist observation deck of Violet Andrews Park, looking out on azure skies and souring seagulls, sailing over splashing gulf tides. Why were the girls going to see a movie so late (or perhaps so early)? What movie was it and where was it showing? Did the assailant follow them to the park? Did they go there frequently, and had he seen them there before? And finally, did he act on behalf of others, perhaps a hate group or gang? Hopefully, we’ll have some answers soon.

Memorial remembers girl shot and killed in Portland Corpus Christi Caller-Times