‘One Big Happy Family’-Terri Moulton Horman Cast Aside by Kaine and Desiree!

It came back to me exactly what I was doing on the morning of June 4th, the day Kyron Horman went missing. The shocking information of Kaine Horman filing for a divorce to Terri Horman is what stimulated the recall. Also, I glanced at a Christianson plumbing bill and saw that the plumber left my condo at 8:55 AM, 4 June, 2010. That was right about the time that Terri Moulton Horman says she left (alone) Skyline Elementary in Portland.

The filing of the divorce and the restraining order on Terri adds a new dimension, a new twist to the case. Now it’s a family of 3 instead of a family of 4, such as it was at the thoroughly scrutinized news conference of June 11th. Terri’s image has been blown up and isolated in the video footage, and the media has looked for signs of unusual body language between Terri and the biological mother to Kyron, Desiree Young.

I’m beginning to see oddities myself. Desiree clams up when Terri hugs her, crosses her arms and ever slightly grimaces with disdain as the red-haired stepmother grips her shoulder tenderly. In looking at Terri’s eyes, they seem to dart hither and thither, and at times she is pensive, deep in thought, as if she’s projecting herself in specific scenarios of the past, such as the morning hours of June 4th, the day of the seemingly joyous science fair.

What occurred to me last night, as I conjured a wink of troubled sleep, is that this missing person’s case has shifted from the physical searching of the premises of the Skyline school and surrounding grounds, to a strictly psychological search. Now we’re looking only into the hearts and minds of the most salient of characters: Terri Moulton Horman, Kaine Horman, Desiree Young, and to a lesser extent, Tony Young.

The restraining order means that there is proof of abuse of a child by Terri. Either the police gave this information to Kaine, or better yet, he witnessed the abuse at Terri’s hands himself. It’s odd though, that this just has emerged. Didn’t he notice it well before yesterday? Maybe not. This leads me to believe that the police told him something shocking, something incriminating. I heard that Kaine was meeting with investigators on Monday.

Three things I learned yesterday were unsettling to me also. Terri got a DUI in 2005, her marriage to Kaine is her third, and she was the one who called 9-1-1 around 4 PM on the 4th of June, when she and Kaine met the school bus, but Kyron wasn’t on it. I heard originally that Terri called the Skyline school, and it was the secretary, Susan Hall, who called the police. In my mind, this discrepancy is major. Why was it first reported this way?

So Terri has taken two polygraph tests and been interrogated for 6 hours on the last questioning session. She must have failed these polygraph tests miserably, or else she would be making it known publicly that she had passed. Her white F-250 pick-up truck has been examined twice too. The police won’t be able to arrest her if she just failed the polygraph tests though or if they caught her lying or tripped her up in her cover story, a minute by minute account of her day on June 4th.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s office will need something more solid, something in the way of physical evidence in order to arrest her. I don’t believe they can arrest her based on just cell phone pings or trip ups in her interviews with detectives. This brings me to my central theory: the police are playing a cat and mouse game, where they are pressuring her psychologically, trying to force a confession from her by using the parents to go against her. This odd bunch of 4 parents is now just 3 parents ganging up on Terri, attempting to crack her up. A full confession is forthcoming, which is perhaps only wishful thinking on their part.

This is psychological warfare now. First there was the incriminating flier and now there is Kaine’s divorce proceeding and most painful, the restraining order on Terri barring her seeing her own flesh and blood, her 18 month old daughter. The goods they have on her must be awfully bad. Did she have a history of cruelty towards Kyron? No hints of that have been suggested before.

And the biological mother’s role has experienced a great amount of metamorphosis itself. Now she gives off the aura of being a perfect mother to Kyron, when actually she didn’t seem to be around all that much before, during the first 7 years of Kyron’s life. And the most troubling thing of all is the nature of her ‘friendship’ with Terri Moulton. Desiree divorces Kaine in 2007 and suddenly Terri and Kaine get married? That’s plain weird! Moreover, they nurture little Kyron. This awkward, not natural.

Desiree and Kyron
Where were you, Desiree, during the 7 years that Kyron was growing up? Why did you let Terri assume the guardianship of your own flesh and blood? What defined your ‘friendship’ to Terri? Could you not handle the responsibility of bringing little Kyron up, on your own? Why put it on Terri?

I believe this is the key to this mystery. The quirks of this arrangement must have come to a head on June 4th. Channel a scene where Terri gets jealous of all the attention Kyron is getting with his tree-frog science project. An enraged Terri secrets him back to the truck, and, seething with hatred, takes off from the Skyline parking lot undetected.

Her fury towards Kaine and Desiree is reflected back on the child. This is what the timeline of the investigation is asking us to believe. The key is the delicate balance of psychological interplay between mainly three parents. The police are tweaking these imbalances for all they can get. This case may snap like a twig in a blizzard at any moment.