Otmetka Swedish Traceability Technology To Revolutionize Global Forestry Industry

Ten years of development have led OTMETKA Log Marking AB to present its Woodpecker log marking system to the world. The company says Woodpecker has huge financial, environmental and social advantages for the forestry industry and the whole of society.

The patented Woodpecker system retains sole rights for the company in what they say are “all the important forestry industry countries.” Woodpecker guarantees full traceability of the timber all the way from where the tree grew in the forest to the sawmill. Woodpecker can also connect up with bar code systems, allowing it to maintain traceability through to the retail shop floor.

It is hard to understate the importance of this. Every log can be marked with an automatic ID code at the time it is felled by a harvester.

Around the world, developed countries that care about the environment, care about the traceability of timber.

In the next few weeks, the European Parliament is expected to make a decision on legislation preventing the trade of illegal timber. Companies that import or sell wood or wooden products within the EU may be forced to take active measures to prevent illegal trade.

As usual, critics worry that traceability leads to higher costs and red tape. OTMETKA says those fears are unfounded, and the opposite will be the case. They say traceability will lead to cost reductions.

The Woodpecker system has significant advantages for the industry and for forests. It will preventing illegal felling, corruption, money laundering and distorted competition within the forestry industry. Timber handling and tracking will become more efficient due to improved logistics and better secure business transactions.

The company also says traceability will help certification systems receive automatic notifications that document the fact that traceability regulations have been followed.

OTMETKA founder and CEO, Bengt Sorvik says “The system can create completely new opportunities throughout the processing chain where industry has plenty to win.”

Sorvik says they are in the final stages of practical testing of the technology and they would like to hear from proactive partners, clients and investors for Woodpecker.

Sorvik expects the Woodpecker system to be running and on display at next year’s international forestry trade fair, Elmia Wood, in Sweden.

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