Martin MacNeill Charged with Murder of Wife: Horrifying Saga Emerges!

Martin Macneill Arrested on Friday

Finally, Martin MacNeill was arrested on Friday for the first degree murder of his wife, Michele MacNeill on April 11, 2007. Formal charges (first degree murder and obstruction of justice) were brought against Martin MacNeil on Monday in a 4th District Court in Provo, Utah, with a backdrop of 5 bitter women holding photos of Michele MacNeil up for the alleged murderer to see, as he confronted a plethora of charges.

It’s taken 5 years to put this case together, but it appears as if the Utah prosecutors have been able to gather a great deal of evidence together, that demonstrates just how MacNeill planned out the murder of his wife, then actually went through with his plan, by making it look like an accidental drowning after a lethal dose of drugs were consumed.

Alexis Somers and Rachel Macneill Appeared on HLN

Two of MacNeill’s daughters, Alexis Somers and Rachel MacNeill, made an appearance on HLN last night, and told much of what they know, as far as how bad their father has been, with his lies and affairs, and countless other allegations, which are still in a state of clarification (or elaboration) by various news services. We are even hearing, Martin may have murdered his own brother also.

michele macneill

A tangential leg to this already hair-raising story, is an ex-girlfriend, Anna Osborne, is even claiming MacNeill is a serial killer (according to an AP article I just read). Now, where all of this leads to is anybody’s guess. If we are to believe these daughters, former girlfriend, and other family members, then we have to admit, this quack of a doctor is some kind of madman. To add to this, we’re hearing MacNeill just got out of federal prison on fraud charges.

Need More Information

I’d like to read more about what these fraud charges were, which he served jail time for, in order to get a clearer, more complete picture of what this character is made up of. He’s already done so many bad things, and we need to know everything, so we can put the whole package together. The two daughters are privy to much of this, and it looks like they are beginning to speak out on their father’s many travesties against their own flesh and blood.

You could feel the sheer agony and cringing mordancy on their faces when making a guest shot on HLN last night. After all, Martin MacNeill is their father. Both knew right from day one he’d killed their mother Michele. He’d forced her to get a facelift, using a new surgeon to Utah, who he conned into prescribing very strong drugs for her recovery phase of plastic surgery. ABC has reported the lethal cocktail used by the doctor, was a portentous combination of valium, Percocet, and Ambien.

Hung Up 5 Times on The 911 Operator

HLN played the 911 call also, where he play-acted his horror of finding his wife comatose in the bathtub. We hear that he hung up 5 times on the 911 operator, lied about performing CPR, and even took her pants off (I don’t know what that’s about?). Moreover, he gave the dispatcher the wrong address. I suspect, this is because he wanted to be sure she was completely deceased by the time help arrived.

The motive given (when the news looks at the prosecution’s file of charges), is to keep up an affair the doctor was having with Gypsy Willis, who became his live-in nanny after poor Michele died. Gypsy herself may have been in on it partially, according to a former roommate (Deseret News). Gypsy was at least aware it was going to happen. The trial should start fairly soon, so we’ll get further into the evidence, blow by blow. I’m not yet able to entirely wrap my head around all the evil doings of this doctor, who has already destroyed so many lives with his chicanery and deceptions.

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