Lawless Los Angeles, Lawlessness of Which I Am a Victim

The victim, Nurit Greenger, elderly white woman.

The perpetrator, a black man, could be in his 30s.

I was robbed in daylight on Monday, December 20, 2021 in Lawless Los Angeles. The thug was walking behind me planning the attack and as soon as he saw the opportunity he grabbed onto my hand bag. First instinct reaction, I held to my bag tightly and yelled at the top of my lungs. Of course this evildoer, nothing but humanity’s worst, was some 6 feet tall and while I let go of the bag his pull was so strong I fell on the cement pavement and hit my head hard as well as my back. Now I am suffering the injury with excruciating pain that requires ongoing medical attention.

I am a daughter of Holocaust survivors. I am a member of the first generation, born to the people who experienced violent crimes against humanity during World War 2. What I experienced in the heart of Los Angeles, is similar to what my late parents experienced when they we robbed of their identity and belongings by thugs named Nazis.

In Los Angeles these robbers are identified as Americans criminals who perpetrate violent crimes against other American citizens with impunity.

What is it with the United States of America’s society now? Los Angeles’ lawless streets? The city is the “Wild West” on steroids. It is no longer a civilized society, it is very violent, cruel and crime infested. And the politicians are giving a hand to the criminals and they are exacerbating crime against the good people. It is becoming more clear by the day that whatever the politicians touch they destroy and hardly ever do the fixing needed! It is all a mockery of our Founding Fathers; system of governance while the flag of keeping society safe is burning.

Lawless Los Angeles. View of the entrance to the alley where the mugger attacked and robbed me. (photo
View of the entrance to the alley where the mugger attacked and robbed me. (photo
Inside the Beverly Connection Mall (photo
Inside the Beverly Connection Mall (photo

Spineless Politicians Not Working For The People

Innocent people are defenseless. I am the evidence. Cruelty is prevalent, I am the evidence. All to do with California’s failed “leaders.” They could care less about us, the small people! They protect themselves, using taxpayers’ money. Why not protect me, us, the citizens which they do not?

American politicians organized a high fence around the Capitol and called the National Guard to protect their nest of corruption in Washington DC. All because we, the people, wanted to make sure the justice system works for us as well, not only for the political echelon. But it does not work for the people, as my case clearly shows. These politicians hide like mice in their offices, and when they do come out, they only add to the destruction of our society. They help the robber who mugged me in broad daylight in a place where hundreds of people were busy doing their last minute Xmas shopping.

Me, the victim of the robbery with medical condition. (photo credit self)
Me, the victim of the robbery with medical condition. (photo credit self)

Watch this short video: I am not going to be a statistic:

A Message For The Local Politicians

Yes, hear me out loud and clear. We, the people, are not the stupid ones you think we are. I, a 5’4″ elderly woman, with minimal income that barely keeps the roof above my head, cannot feel secure going shopping in the center of town, in the Beverly Connection shopping mall. That should not happen, yet it does.

I have been living in the neighborhood of this mall for 40 years. I just cannot fathom that this mall, in the center of a middle and upper class neighborhood is now a breeding ground for violent crime.

What is it? Do I now need to have 360 degree camera eyes to watch for my life and my belongings? In California, the state of “the stars”? What excuse do the Los Angeles city hall and Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón have for allowing the phenomenon of crime everywhere? What excuse does Black Lives Matter have? What is it, ONLY THEIR lives matter?

I call on the politicians of this city to drop the failed propaganda already. We, the People do not buy it. I for one do not believe you and think this is all so very deplorable!

Useless “Security”

The security at the Beverly Connection mall is for show, but for naught. The security crew wear uniforms that do not serve as a deterrent and they never chase the criminals. In my case the thug ran mighty fast inside the mall with a woman’s purse? Wasn’t it enough of a spectacle for the “security” to chase and stop him?

If I had a gun and I shot this mugger, as the lawless law goes these days, in all likelihood I would be put on trial for defending myself, not the thug who attacked me. These days, what this thug did to me is called “a minor felony.” That weak and useless designation sends him right back on the street so he can repeat his abominable behavior, and his next victim could even die. But the politicians do not care. The system under which we live in Los Angeles today supports the criminals, not the good citizens of California, and the same thing appears to apply to other places in this country.

We live in a Republic and the politicians are elected by us, We, the People, to represent us. However, these politicians do not represent me. And I am sure there are many good Americans who think just like me that Washington DC, Sacramento, Los Angeles City Hall rankle.

The Beverly Connection (photo
The Beverly Connection (photo

A Message To The Mugger

My message to the mugger is: What would you think if someone did to your mother what you have done to me?

Do you even have a mother? If you do, what must she think of you? A big man who attacks defenseless people on the street. What happened to you? Why did you not grow up to be a law abiding and decent person? You really have no place in our society unless you repent.

Really, what is the point of citizens being good, or trying to do good when we witness this kind of lawlessness in our streets?

I call on the entire American nation to take this country back from Washington D.C. and its corrupt politicians and the lawless and corrupt court system.

I call on Californians to take back the state from Sacramento; from Los Angeles and San Francisco City Halls. The broken system is a hell on earth the politicians have created for us to live in, among the muggers who are roving our streets as if they own it and no one, but no one stops them.

A Crime Statistic

Am I just a part of the crime statistics now?

The police are handcuffed, the result of the “defund the police” inanity. Instead of a detective being assigned to this case within a few hours, many days have passed and the case file is still lying in the cases’ basket for its turn to be handled while this mugger is able to repeat his crimes time and time again. Ten days after the violent robbery incident I experienced and the police are not yet on the case.

Where is the detective I was promised? They said he or she would call me in 2 days after I was attacked and robbed. I seek an answer but cannot get it.

And this robber will never be stopped for good unless, as good Americans told me, “Until there is a crackdown, there is no reason for these thugs to stop,” or “until deadly force is used to stop them.”

If the robber is caught, he will be out on the street in no time to repeat his crime. This is lawless California for you. This is the injustice system we have been rendered in Los Angeles that offers no defense, no justice to the good citizens, to a person like me who went to buy some presents for Xmas. And the liar-in-chief propaganda media only propagates and exacerbates it all. Really, enough is enough.

A Hopeless Sorry And Recovery

Since the violent incident I have heard tens of times from many nice people the vapid word “sorry” or, “I am so sorry this happened to you.” This is because what else can nice people do to help the situation I found myself in, brutally smacked onto the cement pavement with a huge bump on my head and injured body?! And that repeated ‘I am so sorry’ is really annoying because it is coming at me from real goodwill, however, it is full of hopelessness.

I have a question for so many young black people who have taken up the thug-robber-mugger-law breaking job. WHY? Have you no dignity or conscience? Have you no sense of responsibility or moral compass?

My message to the robber who robbed me, stole my personal belongings but more so, has deeply hurt me physically and crippled me emotionally and marked my soul; may God avenge your soul, hopefully soonest.

We, as a civilized society, have lost our way. The only one to call for help now is G-D. I hereby call on G-D to help us get back on the right path, to help us gain some sanity.

Eric Garcetti. Is this what you intended to do to our beautiful Los Angeles? If not, then why are you doing nothing? George Gascón, is this why you stood for office, to destroy our city?

To the robber, to Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles and his District Attorney, George Gascón, you are not going to make us an abused society. This abuse of citizen safety will end. You are not going to make me onto a statistic.

I am also calling the Good Samaritan who witnessed the entire robbery attack and has it on his car video-camera to come forward to make this video public. I am sorry but with all the tumult I have been through your information on a note paper you left with me has gone missing.

I am asking the public to help me find the robber, return my belongings and pray for my recovery.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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