Jacque Waller Disappeared on June 1st in Jackson, Missouri. What Happened?

Jacque Sue Waller, a mother of triplets, has been missing since the late afternoon of June 1st. Jackson, Missouri, the city she was last seen in, is in southeast Missouri, 110 miles south of St. Louis, and adjacent to the Illinois border and the Mississippi River as well. The circumstances of her disappearance point to foul play.

News coverage of Jacque Sue Waller’s case was initially local, primarily, with the Southeast Missourian posting some very good stories on her yet unsolved disappearance, more than a month and a half ago. Recently, the national media has picked up on the case as well. ABC News’ Good Morning America did a story on July 14th.

jacque sue waller and clay waller
Pictured here are husband and wife, Clay Waller and Jacque Waller. Jacque disappears on June 1st, and was last seen by Clay after a divorce hearing.

The day after Jacque went missing, her blue Honda Pilot was found broken down on the shoulder of Interstate 55, right near the Fruitland exit. The front right tire was flat and neither her keys, her purse, nor her cell phone were left in the car. Both authorities and family members believe the abandoned vehicle was a staged scene.

Another unusual development (if not downright suspicious) occurred on July 13th. Some of Jacque’s Blue Cross Blue Shield business cards were found on Highway 177 by a woman, near a Proctor and Gamble business. It turns out, Jacque Waller worked in a BCBS insurance office in Cape Girardeau County, but that was some time ago.

Once again, is it possible that someone tossed the business cards there on purpose, to add an extra element of surprise into the investigation (the sister, Cheryl Brenneke believes this)? And when was this done? Why didn’t the neighbor see these cards before? This would mean it wasn’t done until July 12th or possibly not until the 13th, when they were discovered.

And what’s the connection with the boat of estranged husband, Clay Waller? Why did the Cape Girardeau/Bollinger County Major Case Squad (which has since disbanded) want to look at Clay Waller’s aluminum 14-foot, V-bottom boat with an eight-horsepower outboard motor? Did Clay take something in the boat, say to the Mississippi River, and do something with it?

Early news stories mentioned the significance of the boat, but nothing has been said about it recently. The family claims the husband, Clay Waller, had been threatening Jacque for a long time. This makes me wonder why she drove over to Clay’s house (returning from a divorce hearing no less) in Jackson on June 1st to pick up her 5-year-old son Maddox? But Maddox wasn’t there at all.

jacque waller honda pilot
Jacque Waller’s blue Honda Pilot was found abandoned on the shoulder of Interstate 55, with a punctured tire.

Just theories of speculation perhaps, but did Clay lure her over to his house (which he no longer lives in), specifically with an intention to kill her? He claims they had an argument and she stormed off on foot. (Clay said she ‘walked away mad.’) Why wouldn’t she storm off in her Honda Pilot, if she was going to do something like that? This makes no sense. And where did Maddox end up being in the first place?

And what about the threatening calls and text messages that Clay repeatedly left to Jacque? If some of these are recorded, this is good evidence to gather for investigators. I must return to the Honda Pilot. Maybe they can prove that the tire puncture was not natural, such as from glass or a nail on the road, but rather was caused by, say a knife. Are those types of forensics available?