Ex- Iranian Political Prisoner: MEK is the Litmus Test for US State Department

I have recently escaped the mullahs’ dungeons to Europe, in search of Justice on behalf of political prisoners and their families. My husband, Ali Saremi was accused of being a supporter of the MEK, laying flowers on the grave of the Great National Leader Dr.Moassadegh, participating in ceremonies of mourning over the graves of 30,000 supporters of MEK and activists massacred by Khomeini, and the last and the most important; visiting my son at Camp Ashraf.

In my quest to voice the throttled voices of Iranian political prisoners in Iran and their families, I encountered a major obstacle; the irresponsible smear campaign targeting with venom at the PMOI/MEK; which embodies the aspirations of those who seek Freedom.

The barrage of insults and accusations targeting the MEK, is reminiscent of the barrage of insults I received during the several weeks of solitary confinement back in Iran from Intelligence henchmen.

political prisoners killed
Political prisoners massacred in Iran

In the dungeons of the mullahs, we had a certain unity which was trans-political. This bond of solidarity was shaped to confront the heinous henchmen. For us, it was crystal clear that the litmus test was to emphatically protect this bond and avoid smearing the MEK. We were adamant not to appease the mullahs in their efforts to eradicate its most important and feared opposition.

Orchestrated, round the clock State TV campaigns, to demoralize the Iranian youth, had similar vulgar terminology and accusations. The incredibly expensive propaganda machinery of the mullahs has been at work for the past 35 years to disseminate lies and accusations against the group. This unprecedented campaign is only an effort to whitewash the grotesque bloodstain of vicious execution of the Mojahedin prisoners and thousands of opponents, as well as camouflaging its increasing infighting of the necrocracy that it is.

At the moment, families and supporters of the MEK have been labeled “Moharebeh” (which has been the mullahs’ religious pretext for massacring the MEK generation for the past 30 years) and are sought or arrested. The efficiency of this label in cracking down and confining the group resembles that of the “FTO List” tag, which has also restricted and paved the way for a swift and bloody massacre of MEK members at Camp Ashraf.

Having tens of political prisoners and their families under torture in mullahs’ dungeons, it would be a vulgar political gesture to flirt with henchmen of the Iranian people.

I read out a message of solidarity of Iranian political prisoners for the MEK, at a 100,000 large gathering in June this year. The message was simple and clear: “It is clear that the regime is fearful only of the Mujahedin (MEK). The reason they have openly asked Maliki to attack Camp Ashraf despite International consequences is evident; Ashraf represents hope for change in Iran. Let us repeat that the Iranian masses are those on the streets seeking complete change; men and women of all ages and generations in Iran, support you. Believe this: those residents of Camp Ashraf are already represented in Iran, in various communities and we shall continue their path.”

Being accomplice to Massacre is simply treading on ones humanitarian principles, when making an alliance with the butchers.

The recent court Decree of The Hague, which rendered the Dutch forces responsible for the massacre in Srebrenica*, and the recent Spanish Court order* of requisition for Maliki’s interrogation for the murder of 36 Ashraf residents, attest to the fact that “Justice will prevail.”

This is why I say the MEK is the Litmus Test for US State Department.


Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh

Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh was Iran’s first national leader who envisioned a democratic and independent Iran, and nationalized the Iranian petroleum industry to release it from the clutches of the British and Russian Companies. This was during the period in which Iran was under great influence of colonial powers and almost subordinate. Hardly any of the National wealth came back to Iran, and there was much poverty.

Dr. Mossadegh was known to be a National Leader by the people but was badly marked in history books written under the Shah and was treated worse in those that came out under the Ayatollahs.

Since he could be a source of inspiration and nationalism, the Mullahs smeared his past. He was greatly respected by radical progressive groups such as the MEK and Fedaiin at the time.

Dr.Mohammad Mossadegh Bio

1988 Massacre of MEK supporters and other activists

After the MEk rejected the Islamicization of the constitution, and announced faults in the one-party rule imposed by Khomeini, and during the time they gained much support amongst the youth, Khomieini issued a Fatwa naming the MEK: Mortad and Moharebe.

This term is still used against MEK supporters which means strictly death! Many were killed, arrested and tortured to death even before people found out about the ferocity of the regime. Some of the supporters arrested in 1978 during legal campaign activites were given 10 to 15 year prison sentences. Some were massacred in 1988. It is said that at least 30,000 were killed. Some names and specifications were collected by an MEK Human Rights committee, and published as a detailed book called “the Book of 20,000 Martyrs.” For the rest unfortunately, only mass graves have been found.

See: American Thinker, Photos

Dutch forces responsible for Srebrenica massacre

This is applicable to US responsibility in the Camp Ashraf massacre. Dutch forces – Srebrenica

Spanish Court Summons Perpetrators of Massacre at Camp Ashraf

Writ against Nuri al-Maliki

Mahin Saremi
Mahin Saremi is a former political prisoner who escaped prison in March 2011 and came abroad in April. Her husband Ali Saremi was a very well known political prisoner with 27 years of prison under the present regime. Mahin could have also been under torture with charges of Moahrbeh (waging war against god) if she had not escaped.