Did Kelli Bordeaux Rendezvous With a Perfect Stranger from Froggy Bottoms?

For unknown reasons, a snippet of video tape has been overlooked by news organizations in the widely circulated case of missing North Carolina soldier, Kelli Bordeaux. Nicholas Holbert said these words to a news reporter (which I believe is Gilbert Baez of WTVD 11): “They found a white bag with khaki shorts and t-shirt with blood on it.” So this must be the evidence that led the police to promulgate that Kelli Bordeaux was in grave danger. Thus a pond was searched, but no cigar.

Where was this white plastic bag found? Holbert finds out about it from the Fayetteville police on one of his interviews (there have been three so far). That doesn’t imply he was cognizant of it already. And what about arresting Nicholas on this minor charge of not filing an address change, since he is a registered sex offender? This is peanuts, but the cops don’t want him to slither away anytime soon. Holbert seems to know more than he is saying, but isn’t our man, I must opine.

kb steven cantrell

And what should we think about the arrest of Froggy Bottoms bar owner, Steven Cantrell? That’s some sizable baggage they have on him! Why wasn’t he arrested before? Is it related to Kelli Bordeaux spending a good bit of time at the Froggy Bottoms, then she vanishes without a trace, after spending Friday the 13th hanging out at Froggy Bottoms? This is a good bet to make. What does Cantrell know? Can he identify who was lounging around suspiciously at his bar that troubling night?

If anybody would know, it would have to be Steven Cantrell. My theory, is that something else happened that night. Up to a point, what Nicholas Holbert told Gilbert Baez (his entire interview has been included in dozens of news stories) rings true. One line, though, sends up a red flag, and has done so from the get go (rightfully so): “She was spooked!” Indeed! Kelli purportedly exits Holbert’s vehicle right at a prominent point, the Meadowbrook Apartments marquee.

This rings true also to me. But Kelli never actually makes it back to her apartment, which would be a 1/4 of a mile walk to get to from this Meadowbrook marquee sign, which we see so frequently in news footage. This is just a theory, but what if someone followed her from FB to the Meadowbrook, then she gets in their car after our loose-goose Nicholas had already departed the scene. It’s safe to say, she never entered her apartment that night. Kelli’s brother, Matt Henson, told JVM last night, her homework was still spread out pristinely at her apartment.

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She doesn’t take her purse when she goes out. It was left behind. However, her cell phone is missing. Pings off a tower near our now infamous bar. Bar a close proximity to a large Interstate-295. A few rumors floating around that I-295 is significant. Bill Warner has brought this up on his blog. Kelli is a blond. Suppositions are put forth. Not that there’s anything solid yet, but it doesn’t hurt to put the facts into the serial killer template, and see if you get a hit.

What if? What if? Stick to the facts, Columbo! What other shady characters (other than Holbert) did Cantrell observe at his FB Friday the 13th (an unlucky night by anyone’s reckoning)? And who was Kelli texting so prodigiously that night (once again, according to Holbert)? Did she rendezvous with this mystery man she was texting early Saturday morning? This seems likely, but who was it?

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