Does Froggy Bottoms Bar Hold The Key to Break Kelli Bordeaux Case?

I sense, the Kelli Bordeaux missing person’s case is not quite what it seems. On the surface it looks rather simple and soluble. We have Froggy Bottoms. And then we seem to have Froggy Bottoms again. The cozy looking bar has a slogan that reads: ‘Come Get Your Frog On!’ It’s anybody’s guess what this means, but it appears to be sexually suggestive. Moreover, we wonder why the young, attractive soldier took a sudden liking to the kinky little bar?

Maybe we ought not to put too much of a twist on Kelli’s brand new fancy. But back to the simple ingredients of the known facts surrounding her disappearance last Saturday (April 14th). All we have is a transient’s account of dropping her off at her apartment complex, the Meadowbrook. Most of us by now have watched ABC News 11 in Fayetteville’s interview with this simple man, Nicholas Holbert, who recently befriended Kelli Bordeaux.

kelli bordeaux

Holbert doesn’t seem to be holding anything back. I’m no expert, but he doesn’t look as if he’s lying, to me. Nicholas is certainly not the spitting image of virtue, but his story is believable. He and Kelli left the Froggy Bottoms around 1:20 AM and he let her off at the entranceway to the Meadowbrook Apartments, where she lived. Holbert indicated that Kelli had been texting a great deal as they shot some pool and drank. I prefer this line of investigation, the significance of her cell phone communications late Friday.

Was Kelli going to meet someone at the Meadowbrook? Holbert suspects this. Kelli’s husband was away at the time in Florida visiting his dad. Did the police recover Kelli’s cell phone? It doesn’t look like it, after scouring every news story I can get my hands on. And most agree, there’s shallowness or phoniness to a final text (coming from Kelli’s cell), ‘got home safely.’ Experts suggest she would use more elaboration and specificity.

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So, probably what happened, is whoever did this, texted this fake message: ‘got home safely.’ Do you think it was Holbert? I don’t think it was. I sense this is the direction of thinking that the Fayetteville police are taking also. Nicholas did what he said he did. Simply dropped Kelli off at the Meadowbrook entrance. I heard he also mentioned that Kelli had said she was uptight or apprehensive about something (or someone), just before he dropped her off. This has to be an important clue! Was she uptight since she was getting ready to meet a stranger?

I prefer this theory over any wrong doing on the part of Nicholas Holbert, a homeless bar-back who crashes in a lean to out back of the Froggy Bottoms. Let’s give this poor simpleton a break! Let’s go after the real culprit who did this! Doesn’t look so bright, however. A tip comes in and they search a pond, located off Dobbin Holmes Road in Fayetteville. Nothing comes up though.

Key to the case is looking at two levels; two angles of reality, one of which is an illusion. The top level is the false one. It’s the simple solution, where Kelli gets bogged down in a slippery waterhole and chums up to bad company, in spite of the fact she’s a well-trained professional in the military. This is sawdust! Barking up the wrong tree, my friend. Cases are seldom this easy.

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The second level is the correct one. A rendezvous with a complete stranger, who for some reason, Kelli was infatuated with. I could be wrong, but intuition rings my bell in such a direction (a wild card, I do realize). I bet ya detectives are reviewing carefully anyone who had dropped by Froggy Bottoms within recent memory. And then they’d need to look at all her military connections too.

Person of Interest in Kelli Bordeaux Case – ABC News